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Thousands take to the London streets demanding new Brexit referendum

Protesters waving EU flags and carrying signs calling for Brexit to be halted gather at London's Park Lane before marching to parliament.

Hong Kong protesters to march ‘illegally’

Police reject assembly permit, blaming radical protesters for resorting to violence.

HK moves to protect police families from protest violence

Demonstrators have besieged and hurled petrol bombs at police housing areas.

Google pulls Hong Kong protester role-playing mobile game

Second app to be pulled after China's criticism of Apple.

Hundreds chant ‘Liberate Hong Kong’ outside court

Crowd gather in support of activist facing six years in jail for his role in 2016 riot.

Iraq forces open fire on dozens of protesters in Baghdad

Prime Minister Adel Abdel Mahdi says turmoil can lead to ‘destruction of entire state’.

Hong Kong protesters hit pause to mark Sept 11 attacks

State-owned Chinese media are spreading misinformation that Hong Kong protesters are planning terror attacks on Sept 11.

HK protesters demand Cathay Pacific stop terrorising staff

Cathay was targeted for its sacking of 20 pilots and cabin crew and what staff have described as ‘white terror’.

Viral clip of Russian policeman punching female protester stirs anger

The clip of the police officer punching the woman was shared online by celebrities with millions of followers.

Falling tear gas canisters raise risk of HK protester death

Masked police were seen on rooftops where aluminium tear gas canisters fell at least 10 stories landing in the middle of protesters.

Australia detains French TV crew filming anti-coal protest

Adani, the owner of the coal port, says it was aware of the protest but has no comment on the arrests.

Protesters urge action against Azmin Ali

They claim the minister has embarrassed the nation.

13 dead as Sudan military rulers break up sit-in

Heavily armed security forces in pick-up trucks mounted with machine guns were deployed in large numbers all around the capital.

Sudan talks end with no accord on ruling body as ‘dispute’...

Sudanese army rulers and protesters have failed to reach an agreement yet again on the make-up of a new ruling body as negotiations.

France’s ‘yellow vests’ target borders ahead of Christmas

Paris police say 142 people have been detained and 19 taken into police custody in the French capital, including "yellow vest" leader Eric Drouet.

Few turn out for French ‘yellow vest’ protests, driver dies at...

Very few people gathered in Versailles and there were far fewer demonstrators in the streets of Paris than in previous weeks.

Macron pressed on all sides for grand gesture to end crisis

Experts say there is no way for Macron, who has already backed down on energy tax hikes, to meet the many and often contradictory demands of the diverse group of protesters.

Macron to halt fuel tax hikes in bid to calm fiery...

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe will also unveil other measures to boost the living standards of low-income households.

Paris’s Champs-Elysees set for lockdown as protesters return

Only two protesters turned up for the talks at the prime minister's office and one walked out immediately.

Police clear protesters as Indian temple prepares to accept women

The Supreme Court in September overturned a ban on women of menstruating age, between 10 and 50, entering and praying at the Ayyappa temple at Sabarimala in the southern state of Kerala.

Police on high alert ahead of Indian temple opening to women

The landmark ruling will take effect from Wednesday and for the first time allow all female pilgrims to enter the temple, considered one of the holiest for Hindus and visited by millions of devotees each year.

Cologne on lockdown as Erdogan wraps up ill-tempered visit to Germany

Police snipers were stationed on rooftops and the area was cordoned off after the city authorities cancelled plans for up to 25,000 people to be allowed to gather outside the mosque.

I hear you, Maszlee tells student protesters

The education minister promises to meet with the group once he returns from his three-day trip to Sarawak.

3 protesters dead during violent unrest in Iraq’s Basra

10 members of the security forces are also wounded.