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P Pinang akan mohon peruntukan PTMP selepas PSR lulus, kata Chow

Kerajaan negeri sedang menunggu Jabatan Alam Sekitar meluluskan PSR sebelum PTMP dapat dilaksanakan.

Najib: Why federal funds now for PTMP?

Former PM contrasts federal offer now and the state's refusal to accept federal funds before, when BN was in control.

Federal govt willing to consider funding for Penang Transport Master Plan

This follows statement by Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow that the state government might seek such funding.

Money woes facing contractors for Paya Terubong road bad sign for...

Lim Mah Hui says this underlines the perils of funding mega projects with uncertain cash flow.

2 NGO dibidas eksploitasi kanak-kanak sertai protes alam sekitar

Ahli Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang, Vino Dini Chandragason berkata, Klimate Action Utara Malaysia dan Klima Action Malaysia melanggar Akta Kanak-kanak 2001 kerana menggunakan 11 kanak-kanak untuk menyuarakan bantahan mereka.

NGOs rapped for allowing kids to take part in climate change...

MBPP councillor Vino Dini Chandragason wants the police and education department to investigate the matter.

Mahathir’s help sought to cancel Penang reclamation

45 NGOs will present a memorandum to the prime minister because he is very concerned about the people's problems, says Yussof Latif.

Scrap 3 islands project, seek other ways to fund PTMP, say...

The non-governmental organisations say having an efficient and affordable public transportation system is the answer, not increasing the land bank.

A response to arguments against PTMP

It is common for experts to disagree on plans, but they should not condemn them without demonstrating detailed knowledge about them.

Look to Singapore, not KL, for PTMP

Instead of copying Kuala Lumpur’s problematic public transport systems, Penang should look to Singapore’s single MRT system.

Conflict of interest between SRS Consortium and PTMP?

It is important that Penang government policies be based on evidence and credible data, not the frivolous speculation of the project proponent.

Adun PKR dakwa diserang ‘cybertrooper’ pro-PTMP

Mereka di sebalik serangan itu 'bukan rakyat biasa' yang mahu berkongsi pandangan mereka tetapi memfitnah pihak yang mereka sebut sebagai 'anti-PTMP'.

PKR rep claims ‘cybertroopers’ attacking him over PTMP

Jason Ong Khan Lee says critics of the Penang Transport Master Plan are being targeted.

Debunking 5 arguments against PTMP

It's not about how many highways are built; it's about how to efficiently disperse traffic.

5 reasons why PTMP is a white elephant master plan

The extremely high costs of the Penang Transport Master Plan cannot be justified.

Transport plan will ‘unlock’ Penang’s sustainable future

Sustainable development is not environmentalism, contrary to what some believe.

PIMPing the Penang master plan bubble

If the three reclaimed islands cannot fetch a sufficiently high price, the people of Penang will have to bear an insufferable debt burden.

Projek tambak laut hanya dibenarkan selepas P Pinang patuhi 18 syarat,...

Menteri air, tanah dan sumber asli berkata, selepas kerajaan Pulau Pinang mematuhi semua 18 syarat itu, Majlis Perancangan Fizikal Negara akan berbincang semula sebelum memberi kelulusan penuh.

No to Kidex but yes to PIL 1? Let’s refresh DAP...

When they were in the opposition, they were dead against Kidex and other highways. Now, they sing praises for PIL 1.

Penang LRT project expected to start next year

Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow says the project is awaiting conditional approval by the transport ministry.

Penang’s PIL 1 highway approved by environmental regulators

The DoE gives approval for the project with 56 conditions.

Reclaimed islands will be owned by Penang govt

They will be used for affordable housing, and commercial and industrial opportunities.

2030 structure plan gets stamp of approval from Penang government

This includes plans for highways, light rail transit lines and the three artificial islands project.

Penang’s curse is the government’s shame

Penang may be in a rut, but it is the state government that put it there.