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Penang LRT project expected to start next year

Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow says the project is awaiting conditional approval by the transport ministry.

Penang’s PIL 1 highway approved by environmental regulators

The DoE gives approval for the project with 56 conditions.

Reclaimed islands will be owned by Penang govt

They will be used for affordable housing, and commercial and industrial opportunities.

2030 structure plan gets stamp of approval from Penang government

This includes plans for highways, light rail transit lines and the three artificial islands project.

Penang’s curse is the government’s shame

Penang may be in a rut, but it is the state government that put it there.

Many Penangites silent on major projects due to ignorance, says activist

He doesn't agree with the Penang chief minister's contention that the silent majority support reclamation work and the PTMP transport system.

Pulau buatan lebih untungkan pemaju daripada rakyat, kata kumpulan alam sekitar

Sahabat Alam Malaysia berkata hartanah yang dibina di tas tanah tebus guna akan jadi mahal dan diluar kemampuan kebanyakan orang.

Reclaimed islands will benefit developers more than people, says group

Sahabat Alam Malaysia responds to a developer's vision of Penang as 'the next Singapore' due to its three islands project.

Penang’s 3 islands could rival Singapore one day, says Gamuda

The holding company of those involved in reclaiming three islands south of Penang island sees good times ahead through the project.

Enough with delays, speed up Penang LRT and PIL1 projects

The former government didn't give priority to these projects but new administration must be more responsive.

Penang CM confident RM46 bil transport master plan will get green...

The PTMP is a series of roads, rail and other modes of transport to be financed through the creation and sale of three reclaimed islands.

Silent majority wants PIL 1, loud minority doesn’t, says Penang CM

Chow Kon Yeow responds to Najib Razak's criticism of the mega highway project.

Phase 1 of PTMP to proceed after requirements met

Jagdeep Singh Deo says this includes the Social Impact Assessment for the RM46 billion transport plan.

Halt Penang Transport Master Plan project in wake of landslides, says...

C4 wants an independent review of the mega project following the latest landslide in Penang which has claimed nine lives so far.

Rethink PTMP, Umno tells Penang after latest landslide

The projects under the Penang Transport Master Plan involve risky and environmentally sensitive areas, says state Wanita Umno chief.

Najib says BN govt helped Guan Eng cut 95% of Penang’s...

The former prime minister says the DAP leader is being dishonest as both continue their spat.

Golden opportunity for DAP leaders to practise what they preached

If Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow opposed the Penang Outer Ring Road in the past, he must now justify the Penang Island Link 1 which is an extension of the aborted PORR.

Don’t feed the road monster, expert tells Penang on highway projects

Building more roads does not resolve traffic problems, says a transport expert.

LRT won’t last forever, Penang Forum tells PTMP boss

Tracks are subject to regular and major maintenance, says municipal councillor.

No rail, just road: Group wants Penang to consider new tram...

Penang Forum says it's much cheaper than LRT and can move freely on existing roads.

People still want to drive, critics of Penang transport plan told

Governments around the world are aware of this and as such, they make sure there is a balance of highways and public transportation system.

Public taken for ride on road to ‘ugly Penang’, says activist

Meenakshi Raman urges the state government to reveal details in layman's terms.

Penang Forum fears highway project will proceed despite objections

It says past experiences have shown that projects are approved by federal environmental regulators without care given to genuine concerns.

Special townhall session for controversial Penang highway project

The Department of Environment, with the assistance of the state government, will hold a townhall session on Sept 20 to hear the views of the people on the project, says chief minister.