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Chow: Transport plan documents to go public next year

State exco Chow Kon Yeow says critics of PTMP are also members of Penang Transport Council, yet hardly viewed the documents that have been made available to them.

Sarjana gesa pelan pengangkutan Pulau Pinang dimuat naik ‘online’

Sarjana pengajian pengangkutan itu berkata Pulau Pinang perlu mengambil contoh amalan terbaik negara lain yang mementingkan ketelusan bagi projek awam.

Fishermen still say no to South Penang Reclamation

Penang fishermen not convinced by Penang South Reclamation EIA report that states their livelihood will not be affected.

DAP leaders hit back at Roger Teoh

Outspoken scholar, who has been critical of Penang Transport Master Plan, told to grow up.

Penang govt not listening, says scholar who quit DAP

Vocal critic of Penang’s Transport Master Plan calls for independent opposition party in Penang, saying the DAP government has become just like BN.

Optimumkan Pelan Induk Pengangkutan Pulau Pinang

Baru-baru ini beberapa ahli akademik dan badan bukan kerajaan mencadangkan beberapa alternatif kepada Pelan Induk Pengangkutan Pulau Pinang.

Institut Pulau Pinang persoal niat sabotaj status Unesco George Town

Zairil menyelar tindakan Mah Hui sebagai mengecewakan kerana sebagai orang dalaman kerajaan negeri, beliau sepatutnya membuat aduan kepada agensi kerajaan tempatan, bukannya Unesco.

Penang Forum: No highways, just give us trams, please

Coalition of NGOs has launched a signature campaign to reject the state government's Penang Transport Master Plan, which it claims is too “car-centric” and has the potential to bankrupt the state government.

Penang to emulate Japan in managing future rail assets

Penang wants to emulate sustainable and profitable approach used by Tokyo rail companies, through retail and real estate development, says state exco member Chow Kon Yeow.

Umno: Critical jury needed for Penang transport pow-wow

Include state Opposition leader and five 'luminaries' to consult on transport master plan, says Pulau Betong assemblyman.

PKR 5 to support ‘whatever is good for Penang’

Backbencher Cheah Kah Peng shows support for Penang Transport Master Plan, the first among the five to reconcile with the state government’s plans.