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What’s the best solution to Penang’s horrid traffic gridlock?

The Penang Transport Master Plan, costing RM46 billion, is the largest project the state plans to undertake, and must be closely scrutinised.

Penang transport plan: Chant urges Council of Elders to intervene

NGO suggests RM46 billion project be reviewed by an international body specialised in public transport.

Penang may seek federal funding if reclamation project not approved

The chief minister says state still waiting for federal approval for projects linked to PTPM, its transport master plan.

Penang’s transport masterplan that awaits answers

A list of critical questions on the PTMP remains unanswered by the Penang state government since they were first raised in 2016.

Penang govt urged to scrap reclamation project

Penang Fishermen’s Association chairman Nazri Ahmad says they are only fighting for their rights as fishermen.

Penang projects not like ECRL, says CM

Chow Kon Yeow says the Penang Transport Master Plan projects are self-funding as the money will come from three islands to be built on reclaimed land.

NGO: Time to review RM46 bil Penang Transport Master Plan

Penang Forum wants the state government to exercise fiscal prudence in line with the PH federal government’s promise to review all mega projects.

Chow: Penang awaiting federal decision on mega projects

Penang CM Chow Kon Yeow says all the project proposals have been submitted to the federal agencies concerned for approval.

‘Highest ever compensation for fishermen hit by reclamation’

Penang CM says if federal government rejects this project, it should answer why reclamation is allowed in Johor, Melaka and Kedah.

P Pinang belum hantar permohonan pinjaman bank China

Pulau Pinang berhasrat memohon pinjaman daripada Export-Import Bank of China (EXIM) bagi membiayai projek Pelan Induk Pengangkutan Pulau Pinang (PTMP) bernilai RM27 bilion.

Penang denies RM24 billion price tag for Bayan Lepas LRT

State executive councillor Chow Kon Yeow says the cost is estimated to be RM8.4 billion, not RM24 billion as alleged by PKR rep Norlela Ariffin.

Pre-war shophouses collapsed due to neglect, say activists

George Town Heritage Action express their disappointment with lack of care of an abandoned strip of shophouses near historic Sia Boey Market.

CM defends plans to borrow from China for Penang projects

Lim Guan Eng says he is confident of repaying the loan as not much can be borrowed when the repayment term is restricted to five years.

Penduduk Pulau Pinang mahu stesen LRT mudah akses

Stesen LRT perlu terletak di kawasan strategik berpenduduk padat, kawasan awam dan banyak parkir kereta bagi memudahkan pengguna.

Penang extends transport master plan public viewing to Feb 28

State government also announces extension of award letter to project delivery partner to give more time for federal regulatory approvals for transport plan.

How effective will Teoh be from the inside, ask civil groups

There is doubt if Roger Teoh can continue to criticise the Penang Transport Master Plan after his return to the DAP.

No conflict of interest in transport project, says Penang

State Exco also denies refusing to work with NGOs saying many meetings and workshops were held with civil society on the Penang Transport Master Plan.

Mari sambung kerja, kata DAP pada Teoh

Pemimpin Pemuda parti itu berharap sarjana bidang pengangkutan yang lantang bersuara itu dapat menawarkan cadangan membina untuk mengurangkan kesesakan lalu lintas di Pulau Pinang.

Good, you’re back! Let’s get to work, DAP tells Teoh

Young party leaders hope the outspoken scholar will offer constructive suggestions on how to ease Penang's traffic problems.

Roger Teoh kembali ke DAP

Sarjana bidang pengangkutan itu berkata saluran terus kepada pemimpin tertinggi Pulau Pinang kini terbuka, menyebabkan beliau menarik balik peletakan jawatannya dalam DAP.

98% of fishermen against reclamation off Penang, says SAM

It says this contradicts the research done by the state government and its appointed consultants.

Chow: Transport plan documents to go public next year

State exco Chow Kon Yeow says critics of PTMP are also members of Penang Transport Council, yet hardly viewed the documents that have been made available to them.

Sarjana gesa pelan pengangkutan Pulau Pinang dimuat naik ‘online’

Sarjana pengajian pengangkutan itu berkata Pulau Pinang perlu mengambil contoh amalan terbaik negara lain yang mementingkan ketelusan bagi projek awam.

Fishermen still say no to South Penang Reclamation

Penang fishermen not convinced by Penang South Reclamation EIA report that states their livelihood will not be affected.