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Tag: public caning

Teachers’ union says yes to caning, education group says no

PAGE and NUTP differ over whether ex-headmaster V Chakaravathy’s method of dealing with delinquent students should be emulated.

Public caning: PAS ulama slammed over ‘free publicity’ remark

Sisters in Islam and Women’s Aid Organisation are among those who are appalled by the remark made by PAS Dewan Ulama chief Mahfodz Mohamed.

Okay for non-Muslims to question caning, says preacher

Wan Ji Wan Hussin says the caning of lesbians is not Quranic law but was adapted from the punishment for zina (unlawful sexual intercourse).

Stop all caning to address ‘crisis’ in justice system, says NGO

The Joint Action Group for Gender Equality urges the attorney-general to review state shariah criminal law enactments to ensure these are in line with the constitution.

The real problem with the Terengganu caning case

It is not that there should have been no caning – there should have been no case.

Public caning gives bad impression of Islam, says Dr M

The prime minister calls for lighter sentences in the future, in the Cabinet's first remarks on the controversial issue.

Public caning could affect women’s mental health, warns think tank

The Galen Centre for Health and Social Policy says victims of public caning are at higher risk of developing post-traumatic stress disorders, anxiety and depression.

The progressives must lead, not be led

Here's some food for thought: If we cane a homosexual a hundred times, would the act of caning turn that homosexual into a heterosexual?

Caning process of lesbians misunderstood, says Terengganu exco

State exco Satiful Bahari Mamat says the shariah offenders were caned while seated and with the aurat covered, and the caning was done lightly because the objective was to educate.

Public caning for lesbian sex unIslamic, says lawyers group

Lawyers for Liberty says lesbianism or homosexuality as a whole is not considered a crime under hudud.

We’re okaying violence, says Marina as anger grows over Terengganu whipping

The social activist joins other rights groups in condemning the punishment meted out on two women, saying they will now live with a lifetime of emotional scarring.

Domestic abuse: Public caning not the answer

Lawyer-activist says it is more important to teach men that violence shows a lack of self-control, while women's group says public caning violates human rights.

On public caning and Malaysia’s public image

Malaysians will feel embarrassed about explaining public caning in Kelantan, which is a medieval form of punishment practised in ancient times.

Govt must evaluate what constitutes shariah offence, says Bebas

Bebas member Azrul Khalib questions whether shariah law is meant to punish or help people when they have made mistakes.

Malaysians are overlooking ‘big issues’

Suaram adviser Kua Kia Soong says it is ‘ironic’ that there has been more noise over the public caning in Kelantan than the hanging of a Malaysian in Singapore.

Jamil Khir: Don’t criticise Kelantan’s public caning move

Minister in charge of religious affairs says public should understand that punishment will only be imposed on Muslims who commit shariah offences.

Public caning will become a spectacle, NGO warns Kelantan

Lawyers for Liberty asks if the Kelantan government wants to inculcate among its people a behaviour where they cheer, revel, broadcast and increase the public humiliation of others.

Public caning: Zaid says PAS, Umno leaders are hypocrites

Former minister says reaction of PAS and Umno leaders to recent amendment to shariah enactment is nauseating.

Bebas: Public caning is wrong and unjust

Pro-secular activist Azrul Khalib says believing that an excessive and punitive approach will deter moral or religious offences is simplistic and wrong.

Show us public flogging in the Quran, SIS challenges Kelantan

Muslim group says this approach to 'managing' behaviour in Kelantan will only create an increasingly repressive environment.

Public caning reminiscent of ancient Rome, says Kelantan lawyer

Nik Elin Nik Rashid says the public caning for shariah offences law passed by the Kelantan government is 'so regressive' that it can only be compared to what occurred behind the Colosseum walls in 70 AD.

Nazri says tourists may stay away from Kelantan

Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Aziz ready to promote other states, saying not many tourists head for east coast state anyway.

Kelantan seems obsessed with punishment, say groups

Instead of concentrating on punishment, as shown by the move to introduce public caning for shariah offenders, PAS should pay more attention to promoting welfare, they say.

Kelantan passes shariah law to allow for public caning

Kelantan Deputy Menteri Besar Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah says amendment is in accordance with the religion, as in Islam the sentencing must be done in public.