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Tag: Public Services Department

Alwi says to purge civil service of Najib puppets

Former PSD chief doesn't name Ali Hamsa but says the Chief Secretary was among the 'jesters and puppets' of the former government.

Cuepacs denies civil servants under pressure to vote BN

Its president Azih Muda says PSD director-general's statement was manipulated by opposition.

DAP: PSD must clear the air on scholarships

DAP deputy secretary-general P Ramasamy seeks clarification from Public Services Department on the meaning of 'inclusiveness', and how it applies as a criteria.

Last-minute change to PSD scholarship criteria upsetting

Teresa Kok says the Cabinet must direct department to rescind new requirement on minimum number of subjects with A+ scores to avoid leaving students in a fix.

Junior doctors trapped in catch-22 predicament

Unemployment is high among medical graduates because housemanship training is only provided by accredited government and university hospitals and places are scarce.