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Tag: public transport

Is the LRT for Penang island a blessing or a curse?

The project will require at least RM170 million to maintain annually and may lead to higher assessment rates for house owners in future.

Think before letting Gojek in, says Umno Youth

The movement's director of strategies points out that the government has a duty to ensure the safety of citizens.

Singapore may charge extra costs to extend RTS deadline

One-month extension until Oct 31 is free of charge, but they reserve the right to charge for additional costs on any further extension.

Take care of taxi and bus drivers, govt urged

Taxi group says the Pakatan Harapan government has not looked into its problems.

‘No word from Putrajaya’ yet about JB-Singapore transit link

Johor menteri besar says the state government has yet to be informed whether the project would proceed.

Automated buses dodge peacocks, tourists and plants in Singapore test

Singapore plans to deploy autonomous buses in three districts of the island from 2022.

Better ways than Gojek to help the jobless young

Rushing to find solutions to youth unemployment may not yield the desired results in the long run.

Singapore says Musk’s electric cars are about ‘lifestyle’ not climate

Singapore is much more interested in a proper solution that will address climate problems.

ART versus LRT in Penang

The Penang government should justify why it is choosing the LRT over a technology that is better, cheaper and faster.

No car parks for housing near MRT stations? Think again

A future in which everybody takes public transportation is still far off. Thus, people will continue to drive cars and car parks will still be very much needed.

Hong Kong protesters disrupt train services, cause commuter chaos

Minor scuffles broke out between protesters and commuters as some grew frustrated over the train stoppage.

7 bad habits of Malaysian train commuters

From foul body odour to ‘manspreading’, Malaysian railway commuters have to deal with niggling annoyances on a near daily basis.

Public inspection of Penang LRT plan from Aug 19

Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow hopes the public will provide feedback and criticisms, which will be reviewed by those involved in the project.

Cargo train derails, ETS and Komuter services affected

No passenger services between Sungai Buloh and Serendah, and between KL Sentral and Tanjung Malim

Bike-ride service pins hopes on Indonesian rival

Malaysia's first motorcycle ride-hailing service finds hope in news that Go-Jek of Indonesia is interested in operating here.

A response to arguments against PTMP

It is common for experts to disagree on plans, but they should not condemn them without demonstrating detailed knowledge about them.

Look to Singapore, not KL, for PTMP

Instead of copying Kuala Lumpur’s problematic public transport systems, Penang should look to Singapore’s single MRT system.

Build the missing MRT link

There is a need for better connectivity to cater to the working class and the rural population.

Govt announces half-a-billion ringgit fund to improve public transport

The fund will be managed by Bank Pembangunan Malaysia.

Debunking 5 arguments against PTMP

It's not about how many highways are built; it's about how to efficiently disperse traffic.

RapidKL’s cashless plan is thoughtless, say critics

An expert questions whether an occasional passenger would buy a RM50 pass just to take a RM2 trip, but some welcome the move.

KTM offers 20% discount card to bring back passengers

Transport Minister Loke Siew Fook says KTM lost customers after commuter fares rose from 11 sen to 15 sen per kilometre in 2016.

Indonesians get first chance to ride subway in traffic-clogged capital

The MRT, developed with Japanese expertise and funding, is the centrepiece of President Jokowi's infrastructure boom.

National strike brings Belgium to standstill

Belgium's Brussels Airlines has cancelled all its 222 flights.