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Tag: public university

Don’t blame matriculation quota when job market still unfair to Bumis,...

The education minister has again defended the 90% quota reserved for Bumiputera students in the matriculation programme.

Matriculation course should be open to all, says DAP leader

The current policy is to allocate 90% of seats in the pre-university programme to Bumiputeras.

Country’s future at risk with scholarship cuts, say activists

There is no point in trying to be nationalistic, local universities are just not as good as international institutions, analyst and student activists say.

Guan Eng asks Putrajaya for Tamil secondary school

Penang CM says no reason for ministry to reject request as state is willing to provide land, and secondary schools using Arabic, English and Mandarin already exist.

Experienced lecturers let go due to varsity budget cuts

Student activists claim this will affect quality of future education in public universities.

The inseparable twins of universities

Despite autonomous status granted to public universities, by universal definition of autonomy, it is evident the autonomy in universities here is merely superficial.

Reduce varsity fees, forget debit card, says Anis

Student activist Anis Syafiqah says reducing the burden of parents, students who have to settle high fees should have been Putrajaya's main priority.