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PAS: We’ll pursue Act 355 amendment after GE14

PAS ulama council president Mahfodz Mohamad says party wants to have more seats in Dewan Rakyat to ensure bill is passed, as some Umno MPs don't support it now.

Bank Negara to expose errant financial institutions

Central Bank governor says punitive measures taken will ensure integrity of financial system.

Azalina: Tahfiz fire suspects can’t be given death penalty

Minister says law doesn't apply to children under the age of 18.

After 60 years, Malaysia’s forgotten people, still forgotten

Two years after the Pos Tohoi tragedy where five Orang Asli children died and two were found barely alive, we are still clueless as to what remedial measures were taken.

Kelantan seems obsessed with punishment, say groups

Instead of concentrating on punishment, as shown by the move to introduce public caning for shariah offenders, PAS should pay more attention to promoting welfare, they say.

State control muddled understanding of Islam, forum told

Sisters in Islam co-founder Zainah Anwar says the rivalry between Umno and PAS to show who was “more Islamic” contributed to narrowed understanding among Muslims.

Holding murder convicts at ‘pleasure of ruler’ illegal, says retired judge

Recent Federal Court declaration that judicial power is vested in the court means only judges should decide weight of punishment after finding accused guilty, says Sri Ram.

Ramkarpal: Shariah bill illegal even if proposed by govt

BN component parties must make their stand clear on bill even though Ahmad Maslan now claims MPs must support it since it comes from government, says Ramkarpal.

‘No need for Hadi’s bill, states can enhance shariah penalties’

The power to enact shariah criminal laws is vested with state legislatures and this includes determining the measure of punishment, says Mohamed Haniff Khatri Abdulla.

Lawyer: Hadi’s bill is about hudud, even if amended

Surendra Ananth says Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's assurance to the public that the bill is not about hudud, but only to empower the shariah courts, is misleading.

Parents show support for amended Child Act

Thumbs up for Child Act that has abolished whipping for child offenders and focuses on community service.