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With 2 rhinos left, Sabah hopes to save species from extinction

State Minister Masidi Manjun believes Sabah’s rhino population can be saved with the use of scientific initiatives.

Finally, there’s hope for Sabah’s endangered Sumatran rhinos

The Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary in Indonesia has been reported to be willing to send sperm to Malaysia later this year for conservation breeding to keep the species alive.

No experts to perform crucial procedure on Iman the rhino

Cauterising might be the only way to stop her uterine bleeding.

Iman the rhino: Still ill, but some medical problems resolved

Malaysia’s last female Sumatran rhino still bleeds from her uterus but is taking a lot of water and supplements, says official.

Nation’s last female Sumatran rhino still ill despite treatment

Sabah wildlife department official says they will start giving Iman very low dose of diazepam to stimulate her appetite.

Malaysia’s last living female Sumatran rhino in Sabah ill

Bleeding from her uterine leiomyoma tumours started three days ago, an official says.

The end of the Sumatran rhino in Malaysia?

Scientists unable to recover eggs from Puntung, which was euthanised on Sunday, to continue the bloodline, leaving only two Sumatran rhinos living in the country.

Cancer-stricken Sumatran rhino Puntung put down

Puntung was experiencing significant breathing difficulties.

Puntung bergelut maut dengan kanser

Puntung menghidap kanser kulit dikenali sebagai squamous cell carcinoma.

Cancer-stricken Puntung to be euthanised

The Sumatran female rhinoceros is dying of squamous cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer.