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Tag: pygmy elephant

Sabah’s tourism will suffer if poaching continues, wildlife expert warns

Benoit Goossens says much of Sabah's fauna has been lost to such activities.

Felda confirms officer and 2 settlers held over elephant killing

The three people were among six detained for being allegedly involved in the brutal killing of a bull pygmy elephant in Kalabakan, near Tawau.

Suspects in pygmy elephant case held for 2 more days

Wildlife Department to rearrest them If police investigations end within remand period, says Tawau district police chief.

Elephant killers caught in Tawau

It comes a week after the dead elephant was found tied to a tree on a riverbank near Tawau.

Hunting veteran denounces slaying of pygmy elephant

An act of the cruellest nature and a violation of hunters' code, says hunter with 25 years experience.

Pygmy elephant found dead in Tawau riddled with 70 bullets

Sabah Wildlife Department slams 'brutal killing' of female pygmy elephant believed to be 11 or 12 years old.

Pygmy elephant found dead in Tawau river

The body of the male elephant, aged about 10 years, was found floating in the water, attached by a rope to a tree on the riverbank.

Sabah wildlife officers forced to put down pygmy elephant with fractured...

Authorities suspect the bull elephant’s jaw fracture, which resulted in its inability to feed itself, could have been caused by a heavy vehicle.