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Tag: Pyongyang

Australia says no progress in finding student feared detained in N.Korea

Australia has no diplomatic presence in North Korea and relies on third-party countries such as Sweden to act on its behalf.

Women freed of Jong Nam murder may end up in Pyongyang’s...

Korea experts say the pair are considered accessories to the 2017 assassination and could be marked for elimination as per North Korea's modus operandi.

Seoul closely monitoring N.Korea for ‘missile launch’

South Korea's military begins monitoring N.Korea after satellite images of a missile launch in Pyongyang cause an international alarm.

Seoul replaces minister in charge of relations with Pyongyang

Kim Yeon-chul's appointment comes days after the US and N.Korea held a second summit in Hanoi, but failed to reach an agreement on the denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula.

S.Korea’s Moon offers to resume cooperation with N.Korea to help denuclearisation

President Moon Jae-in says that he is ready to undertake anything from reconnecting rail and road links between the two Koreas to other inter-Korean economic cooperation.

N.Korea envoy separated from his daughter, says defector

Jo Song-gil, who went into hiding with his wife and is reportedly seeking asylum, 'could not manage to get his daughter to join them'.

North Koreans pay tribute to Kim’s father in freezing cold

Referred to as the Day of the Shining Star, the occasion is celebrated with ice skating displays, flower shows, and laudatory tributes in state media, all reinforcing the underlying narrative.

S.Korea ‘selective’ in implementing sanctions on North

S.Korea's government says that they were complying with the framework of sanctions on North Korea while pursuing exchange and cooperative projects with the North.

Top N.Korean official in Beijing en route to Washington

Kim Yong-chol's trip comes as expectations grow for a second US-North Korean summit after Kim Jong-un last week went to Beijing.

Pyongyang asked to delay US talks, says Seoul

North Korea asked the United States to delay planned high-level talks in New York this week, a day after Washington abruptly announced the meeting's postponement.

North Korean leader meets Cuban president in Pyongyang

The visit by Miguel Diaz-Canel comes amid stalled talks between North Korea and the United States.

Korea Utara-Selatan adakan perbincangan peringkat tinggi 15 Okt depan

Pertemuan terbaru akan diadakan di bahagian selatan perkampungan Panmunjom dalam Zon Bebas Tentera.

Pompeo heads to Pyongyang, seeking progress on Trump-Kim summit

Pompeo departed from Tokyo, where he spent the first leg of a tour that will include stops in Pyongyang, South Korea and China.

Pompeo returns to Pyongyang lacking leverage for nuke deal

Pompeo will spend less than a day on the ground in Pyongyang on Sunday meeting with Kim and seeking to flesh out US expectations for his regime to denuclearize.

North and South Korea to bid for 2032 Summer Olympics

It would also force an extraordinary level of cooperation between two Cold War foes that have no formal avenues for regular contact and are still technically at war.

N. Korea’s Kim to visit Seoul, shut missile site

A Seoul visit by Kim would be the first by a Northern leader since the partition of the peninsula decades ago after the end of the 1950-53 Korean War.

Moon visits Pyongyang in bid to save Trump-Kim nuclear talks

While Kim has stopped the missile launches and nuclear tests that rattled the world last year, he still retains the capability to strike the US homeland with a nuclear weapon.

N. Korea holds 70th anniversary parade, without ICBMs

Thousands of accompanying citizens waved bouquets and flags, chanting "Long live" to the leader.

Red Cross: Severe flooding in North Korea kills 76

The country's territory is largely composed of mountains and hills that have long been stripped bare for fuel or turned into terraced rice fields, allowing rainwater to flow downhill unchecked.

Two Koreas to hold summit as Kim renews denuclearisation pledge

The two leaders will meet in the North Korean capital to discuss "practical measures to denuclearise" the peninsula, South Korean National Security Advisor Chung Eui-yong told reporters.

2 Koreas agree to hold September summit in Pyongyang

The North Korean leader says he is willing to cooperate with both Seoul and Washington on denuclearisation.

South Korea team to fly North to discuss summit details

Moon and Kim have since agreed to hold a third summit in Pyongyang at an unspecified date in September.

South Korea’s Moon to send special envoy to North Korea next...

Seoul proposed the envoy's visit Friday morning and Pyongyang accepted it a few hours later, a presidential spokesperson said, adding they had not yet decided who the envoy will be.

Russia blocks publication of UN report critical of North Korea

A diplomatic source speaking on condition of anonymity said Russia's objection stemmed mainly from the part that said North Korea had exceeded its 2018 oil import cap set by the 2017 sanctions.