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Israel urges snapback sanctions on Iran if it breaches uranium limit

Israel is adamant to deny Iran to get nuclear weaponry, which the Iranians deny they are seeking.

Offer constructive criticism, Syed Saddiq tells matriculation critics

He says matriculation quota was decided by the Cabinet and should only be discussed within the Cabinet.

UUM supports quotas for matriculation programme

Universiti Utara Malaysia's vice-chancellor also says the increase in the number of places is in line with the programme's original objective.

Extra matriculation places, quotas are to give ‘better chances’ for all,...

The education minister says non-Bumiputera students are getting more places for the first time but not at the expense of Bumiputeras.

Provide matriculation for Malays, but don’t compromise on standards

The intake into matriculation colleges can be increased, but students must pass an exam that is on par with STPM.

Release of Bumiputera quota after 6 months will help move unsold...

Housing developers can now improve their cashflow issues and focus on their next projects.

Government to review quota for foreign property ownership

Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin says foreign property ownership in the country has yet to exceed 1%.

China hikes 2019 non-state oil import quota as private refiners expand

It is the second consecutive year that Beijing has increased the quota, which is equivalent to 4.04 million barrels per day (bpd).

US-Mexico trade talks may pivot from metals tariffs to quotas

A quota system would keep US metal prices high by limiting supply and lead to potential shortages - any push for quotas faces strong opposition in all three countries.

Japan probes claim ministries cheated on disabled hiring quota

The investigation began after local media reported last week that the land and internal affairs ministries had padded their data on the hiring of disabled employees.

Women shouldn’t be mere ‘quota fillers’, says Rafidah

The former minister says gender equality goes beyond numbers.

EU to curb steel imports in response to Trump tariffs

The European Commission has proposed a combination of a quota and a tariff to counter EU concerns that steel products no longer imported into the United States would instead flood European markets.

Why non-Bumiputera youths shun military careers

They cite concerns about low income opportunities, marginalisation and the thin scope of promotion dogging non-Malays in the armed forces.

MCA tells Dr M: Stop claiming Chinese are rich

Party deputy president Wee Ka Siong says there are rich and poor in all races.

Don’t limit women to 30% quota, that is what I meant,...

The former minister says her earlier statement was taken out of context.

KL suspends clamping vehicles from Monday

Mayor halts operations until a meeting on Wednesday with the 11 Federal Territory MPs at which he will explain the pros and cons.

Harvard’s admissions secrets won’t become public just yet

One of the nation’s most selective universities, Harvard is alleged to have violated the 1964 Civil Rights Act by discriminating against Asian-American applicants.

GE14: Shahrizat hints BN Wanita’s 30% quota will be reality

The BN Wanita chief says she has spoken to all state Umno liaison committee chairmen about the matter.

Czech government raises quota for fast-lane work permits for Ukrainians

The Czech government is also considering similar measures for workers from Mongolia and the Philippines.

Denmark no longer to automatically accept UN refugee resettlement quota

Over the last two years, more than 9,000 refugees have entered Denmark.

Hisham warns against politics of hate and race

It is very damaging and dangerous, the minister says.

More women in govt: Quotas are needed, says Khairy

The youth and sports minister says argument that one should be judged based on merit does not hold water.

Give more places to Indian students at public varsities, says lecturer

If there are 100 places available, give the best of students 10 places, based on merit, urges UM professor.

Enforcing 30% quota for women has risks, bosses group warns

Malaysian Employers Federation says appointments must be based on merit and warns that directors shoulder a heavy burden.