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Tag: race-based policies

Make needs-based affirmative action official, says economist

Ramon Navaratnam calls for the formalisation of the policy through an act of Parliament.

Economist: Race-based policies will worry investors

Edmund Terence Gomez says history has shown that such policies are not successful.

Affirmative action should be based on need

A dwindling minority cannot indefinitely support a growing majority without leaving a huge burden for future generations.

Race-based politics here to stay?

Whether we like it or not, Malaysia’s political fundamentals are anchored in a race-based power sharing ideology, which means racial politics will stay.

How Dr M can tackle Malaysia’s Bumiputera policy

Dr Mahathir is the only Malaysian leader who has the historical stature, personal charisma and political capital to promote changes in the NEP.

Survey: Singaporeans prefer Chinese, Malays, Indians as new citizens

Survey shows that people of other ethnicities who apply for citizenship are less welcome.

Malaysia can drop race-based policies but…

It must be done in stages, says a think tank.

The Economist: Why dropping race-based policies good for Malaysia

The Economist notes, in an editorial, that the pro-Bumiputera affirmative action policy, created to alleviate racial tensions, has actually entrenched it.