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Tag: race-based

Make affirmative action needs-based, says Daim

The government's chief adviser says the B40 must be given priority irrespective of race.

A rare glimpse into NEP’s origins

After the May 13 riots, Abdul Razak Hussein set up a core group which included non-Malays to work out the New Economic Policy which has succeeded in some aspects and failed miserably in others.

Racial politics has crossed into ‘danger zone’, warns ex-servicemen’s body

Patriot calls on parties to abandon race-based politics and to be in sync with the multiracial nature of the country before Malaysia is destroyed.

On affirmative action, Bumiputeras and Malay privileges

All Malaysians should be able to reclaim their inalienable rights and understand the transient nature of affirmative action.

PPBM’s race-based identity not good for PH and nation, says ex-DAP...

Dr Boo Cheng Hau says race-based parties should not figure in the New Malaysia and wants the Pakatan Harapan presidential council to seek an explanation from Mahathir over his defence of PPBM as a race-based party.

No need for MCA to close shop over Balakong defeat, says...

Former Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi says Malaysia needs opposition parties to ensure check and balance against the government of the day and the MCA should reorganise itself to become more powerful.

Analyst: For meaningful reform, MCA must drop focus on race

Lim Hong Siang says what matters is that the party must be led by someone with new ideas, including the push to move away from race-based politics.

Warisan to woo former Parti Cinta Sabah leaders

Junz Wong says Warisan is the ideal political party for the eight PCS Supreme Council leaders who left the party yesterday.

Can Sabah voters break away from racial politics?

A street poll finds Sabahans divided on the need for race-based parties, with young voters wanting to abandon the practice prevalent in local politics.

Set up Equal Opportunities Commission to move forward, urges G25

Saying economic conditions are ripe for a law to criminalise employment discrimination based on race or religion, the group also calls for more to be done for the Bottom 40% of households, in its latest report.

Penang govt says has built 5 times more houses for Bumis...

State Housing Committee Chairman Jagdeep Singh Deo rebuts Umno claim that the DAP-led government does not care for Bumiputeras, saying while the previous BN government had built only about 2,400 units, the present government has built almost 10,000 units.

Wake up! Do not define racism so simplistically

The worst form of racism is not even trying to help our own race but creating imagined enemies among the people, using race, while we amass the privileges to ourselves.

BN can’t stick to its own script, says Guan Eng

DAP secretary-general says BN’s political rhetoric changes according to audience to discredit DAP ahead of upcoming general election.