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Tag: race relations

Dong Zong must build bridges, not fences

The group seems to focus on the Chinese community, while leaving the effort to bridge the Malay and Chinese communities solely to the government.

Winners and losers in khat row

As the controversy appears to draw to a close, here's a tentative list of the victorious and the vanquished.

Ties that bind a la Sudirman, Yasmin and Siti Hasmah

Chandra Muzaffar says certain personalities bring people together while professor Teo Kok Seong says this was true before May 13 but not now.

Let’s talk about the ‘other Malays’

We should look at individual needs rather than viewing everything through ethnic lenses and have the liberty to define one's own 'Malayness'.

Race relations getting worse, Anwar says as PH marks 1 year...

The PKR president warns that racial sentiments could derail efforts to get Malaysia back on track.

Race relations worse under PH, says Tok Mat

The BN Rantau by-election candidate says this is because the ruling coalition has failed to govern the country effectively.

No hate-crimes law, but a harmony commission instead

National unity minister Waytha Moorthy says the Cabinet prefers to enhance inter-racial ties instead of having overlapping laws.

PAS-Umno alliance nothing to worry about, Najib insists

The former prime minister says 'other races' will still be looked after.

Malaysian Studies needs a revamp

Three new modules could bring meaning to the Malaysian Studies subject.

PH has not lived up to expectations, says analyst

Associate professor tells of 'worrying observations' 8 months after the coalition came into power.

The Malay boy who lived among the Chinese

This is the story of a scrawny Malay boy who studied at a Chinese school for five years without once experiencing racist attacks by his classmates.

Pull up your socks, analyst tells PH on handling trouble

Awang Azman Awang Pawi says the way Pakatan Harapan has been handling issues like the Sri Maha Mariamman temple fracas is not up to mark.

Lawyers split over use of preventive laws to maintain peace and...

These laws are needed to act against those behaving violently or making inflammatory speeches that touch on race relations, says criminal lawyer N Sivananthan, while another says PH must keep its election promise to repeal such laws.

Suhakam warns Mujahid against rushing through laws ala BN

The official human rights watchdog says there has been an absence of public consultation in tabling new laws as announced by the minister recently.

Waytha sees ‘beacon of hope’ in top law appointments

Hindraf chairman says the Pakatan Harapan government, criticised for appointing non-Muslims to three key posts, should be given leeway to implement positive changes.

​​​​Arshad slams political ‘loose cannons’ who spew hate

Military veterans’ group says even the less-educated will see the lack of logic and sensibility in statements by Lokman Adam and Nasrudin Hassan.

Shift varsities’ focus towards rebuilding Malaysia

Funds should be allocated to tertiary education scholarships, research and community enhancement projects on the subject of race and religious understanding.

Attacks on Robert Kuok expose growing racial divide

Many Malaysian Chinese see criticism against tycoon as racial dog-whistling ahead of GE14.

‘Get Out’ earns top honor at Independent Spirit Awards

Jordan Peele also won best director at the annual awards that recognizes the year's best independent achievements made on small budgets.

Survey: Malaysians miss the harmonious past

Respondents say they wish the different races could be as trusting of each other as they used to be.

The Economist: Why dropping race-based policies good for Malaysia

The Economist notes, in an editorial, that the pro-Bumiputera affirmative action policy, created to alleviate racial tensions, has actually entrenched it.

Prof calls for RCI on race relations

Tajuddin Rasdi of USCI says incidents over recent years indicate a brewing storm.

3 stop to help disoriented dog cross busy highway

Chinese, Malay and Indian men spend one hour trying to calm the nervous dog and help it cross to safety by gesturing to motorists to slow down.

An inconvenient truth

It's easy to complain, but it's a whole other thing to work for change.