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The recipe for the perfect storm

Political entrepreneurs, in their quest for power, mobilise ethnic constituencies by promoting inter-ethnic animosities using rhetorical weapons of blame, fear and hate.

More media freedom but same old ‘irresponsible’ coverage, says group

Article 19 says 'biased and hateful' reporting on minority groups continues while the Centre for Independent Journalism says media-related legislation needs to be removed.

DAP blasts Umno veep over photoshopped ‘toxic’ social media posting

DAP claims Khaled Nordin is trying to stoke racial and religious tensions through a social media post today ahead of the Sandakan by-election.

This humble ‘Malay man’ has raised the image of Islam

It is little acts of kindness that help us appreciate each other’s humanity and faiths, not the strident cries of the wilfully blind.

No racial slant intended in opinion on Kulim airport

However, there have been attempts by BN in the past to move projects away from Penang.

Start thinking as a Malaysian please, ex-servicemen tell Perlis mufti

National Patriot’s Association says Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin is wrong to claim that Muslims are being bullied under the PH government and that as Mufti he should work to make the nation better.

Mr Education Minister, put the Tiger spirit in school and watch...

Education Minister Maszlee Malik should look to premier schools such as King Edward VII, Taiping, and Victoria Institution in working out plans to improve the education system.

KJ and Kula in spat over video urging Indians to back...

The duo call each other out for playing the race card.

Tour de Langkawi is Malaysia’s pride, says Mahathir

The prime minister says many have fond memories of the cycling event, which enters its 24th edition this year.

Christchurch shooting: Our tragedy, our failure

We pride ourselves on being civilised, yet the biggest tragedy is that we are not civilised enough to stop killing each other over race and religion.

Malaysian agenda vs Malay agenda: The battle begins

With the Umno-PAS alliance clearly stating it will fight for the good of the Muslims, the stage is set for a political struggle between a coalition promoting a Malay agenda and another that is embracing a Malaysian outlook.

Putrajaya mulls holding portals responsible for inflammatory comments

Communications and Multimedia Minister Gobind Singh Deo wants news portal operators to be more careful and take full responsibility for what is written on the comments section.

Groups, politicians voice concern over racial bias in private sector hiring

They say recruitment should be based on merit and not on racial considerations, with some suggesting the introduction of an equal opportunity law.

Semenyih is not the end of the world for PH

While PH should not feel too crestfallen by what happened in Semenyih, it must accept the fact that Malaysians now feel empowered to punish the government.

To counter right-wing rhetoric, we need a new national narrative

One does not fight the flames of racism and sectarianism with fire but douse them with the uniting waters of a shared national identity.

Forget race card, Sarawakians’ bread and butter our focus, says state...

Sarawak DAP chairman Chong Chieng Jen says PH's focus in preparation for the 2021 state elections is on better facilities, improved education and healthcare, and economic development.

Let’s talk about the race card

Politicians must understand that the politics of identity is important but keeping the balance of moderation in everything is the key to peace and prosperity.

The hunt for jobs and the UEC

Is fear that UEC candidates will be given preference for jobs reason for hesitation in recognising the certificate?

Not everything is about race, Syed Saddiq tells Siti Kasim

The PPBM Youth chief says the demand for minister Waytha Moorthy to resign is not a Malay or Indian issue.

Draw up policies to curb incidents from being racialised, says Hakam

The human rights group says otherwise, every little non-ethnic incident will be seen as a racial issue.

Ambiga’s lessons for Pakatan Harapan after the ICERD fiasco

Prominent human rights lawyer takes Putrajaya to task for not taking 'control of the narrative' and being caught on the back foot over its decision to ratify ICERD.

An eye for an eye will leave Malaysians blind

While the country mourns Adib's sad demise, the Muslim Malays can turn it into a golden opportunity to showcase to all Malaysians and the world at large the glory and beauty of Islam, as a religion of mercy to mankind.

Warisan official denies split in party leadership

The special officer to Penampang MP Darell Leiking says the party deputy president is friendly with vice-president Peter Anthony.

The message in the Dec 8 rally for no reason

Politicians will continue harping on Malay fears until the standard of the Malay community is improved and they are confident in themselves and their abilities.