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Tag: race

Rot started with Dr M, not 60 years ago, says ex-MP

Tawfik Ismail hails Tunku, Razak and Hussein as leaders of integrity.

Remember other ethnic groups, says Kit Siang ahead of gathering for...

The DAP leader asks if organisers are also committed to championing other communities in the spirit of the Malaysian constitution.

Vieria defies ‘hell’ to win silver at 43

Portuguese veteran coped by using a lot of ice and drinking cold water.

My experience as a victim of job discrimination

It is present even at multinational and government-linked companies

Sabah cops monitoring online and print media for sensitive issues

State police commissioner Omar Mammah says Sabah is known to be a tolerant society and urges the people to keep it that way.

Stop arrests over social media posts, says lawyers’ group

Lawyers for Liberty says there will be no end to arrests if the authorities don’t make clear the restrictions on free speech.

This Malaysia Day, let’s boycott hate and fear

Hostility and suspicion have shrouded our nation like the haze that is now choking us.

Race + religion + recession = trouble

As religious and racial fault lines widen, as pessimism grips people after 62 years of Merdeka, the prospect arises of a recession exacerbating the situation.

IGP looking forward to leaving the job ‘as soon as possible’

Abdul Hamid Bador says he never asked to be IGP and just wants to deliver a clean police force.

What racial tension, Umno asks Kit Siang

The party's vice-president Khaled Nordin says the situation on the ground is harmonious.

Najib blames PH for increase in racial sentiments, political uncertainty

The former prime minister says this in listing five risks faced by the country and the economy today.

Census data fuels racial politics, says don

UKM ethnic studies expert says colonial-era census data in use today is making racial splits worse.

Don’t trigger issues on race, religion, royalty, Muhyiddin warns

Home minister says he has asked cops to use the Sedition Act if need be to preserve the peace in the country.

Siti Hasmah is ‘Ibu Negara’, says think tank in tribute to...

Asli Chairman Jeffrey Cheah says values upheld by the prime minister's wife have struck a chord with all Malaysians.

‘Setia’ songstress Fran calls for unity

Francissca Peter appeals to Malaysians and local artistes to unite following controversial remarks made about Malaysian Chinese and Indians.

The fading vision of ‘Malaysia Baru’

The idealistic promise of a new Malaysia is slowly receding from our reach despite the government's efforts in seeking a more equal society.

A plea for unity from ex-minister Hishammuddin

The country should reject bigotry and extremism.

Why should Malaysians be split over Zakir Naik?

Malaysia's stability is rooted in its accommodation of various ethnic groups without questioning their loyalty to the country.

The fuss over khat in vernacular schools

It's not about the art, but how some quarters will exploit it to advance their own agenda.

Politicians are failing our education system

We should work towards making national schools the schools of choice for all Malaysians.

Khat or no khat, Malaysians must go beyond zero-sum game of...

The introduction of khat might not be a big issue but if it isn't handled well, it could be an albatross around the PH government.

Prized Thai buffaloes show off speed in muddy race

It's less about winning the cash prize than pride in victory for the owners.

Can we move away from ideology to good old pragmatism?

Politicians use religious and ideological sentiments to hoodwink and exploit the people routinely and habitually.

Racial gap widening as each race thinks of its own first,...

Jeyakumar says this division along ethnic lines has worsened post-GE14, with both Umno and PH contributing to the problem.