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Tag: racial harmony

Perlis police gag Naik as preacher skips state-backed gathering

This comes as calls grow for the controversial preacher to be deported.

Surau and Hindu temple in KL riots hotspot show how to...

Notorious 1969 Kampung Baru mayhem left the adjoining communities unscathed.

Do away with archaic laws on ‘insult to religion’

Malaysia must be 'psychologically liberated' as envisaged in Vision 2020.

The offence of the cross

How a few lights in the shape of a cross can be seen as an affront to the position of Islam in the federation is simply incomprehensible.

Unity council to be renamed to improve racial harmony

It will be known as the Consultative Council for People's Harmony.

Musa: Sabah govt has never sidelined any ethnic group

Sabah CM Musa Aman says this is proven by the state government’s commitment to allocate funds every year to schools and non-Islamic places of worship.

‘Mixing politics and religion, a threat to national harmony’

Some politicians and religious leaders appear to be more interested in their own survival than that of the nation.

Things Umno needs to know

Perhaps there's a group of people who are unhappy who constitute the silent majority, people who won't vent their frustration on Facebook or take part in a Bersih rally.

Rafizi claims PM manipulated Hudud Bill for own interest

PKR lawmaker alleges that with the goal of protecting his position as prime minister, Najib willingly sacrificed racial and religious harmony.

Nancy: Outsiders should stay out of Sarawak affairs

We do not need outsiders who do not understand our ways, says minister. Sarawak people cannot accept 'extreme culture'.

You can’t have your pie and eat it, Nazri tells Opposition

Tourism and Culture minister says if the Opposition agrees that the 18-point Malaysia Agreement must be respected, then they have to respect the decision when it is enforced.

‘Opposition barred entry in S’wak to preserve harmony’

PBB leader Peter Minos says Sarawak was free of racial problems until DAP and PKR made their way there.