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Tag: racial polarisation

EC says changes in racial composition ‘can’t be avoided’

EC acknowledges implementation of review involving the transfer of electoral districts will alter racial composition in constituencies, but says this cannot be avoided.

Concerns raised over racial polarisation at public vocational schools

Educationist says government should look into the extremely low non-Malay student enrolment at public vocational schools, noting that most non-Malays enrolled in private vocational institutions.

Diversity, the real face of Malaysia

The Barisan Nasional spirit was established upon the reality of the country's plural society, and we need leaders who will continue to recognise that.

Living in a racial tinderbox

The government's apathetic attitude toward racial issues speaks volumes about its dedication to preserving peace and harmony among the rakyat

‘Racial polarisation no surprise’

It has been with us a long while and we should admit that it is a potent factor in Malaysian politics, says Chandra Muzzafar.

Archived: A real Malay dilemma

It is incumbent upon the Malay community to bring about the racial unity of the nation by taking the necessary and vital steps towards a 1Malaysia.

Archived: Is the Tunku’s dream dead?

As a nation, we are moving backwards in time. We are almost tribal in the way we defend our racial space.

Sabah BN wants Musa to stay on

But all is not well under Chief Minister Musa Aman 's watch. Musa has been under constant attack from both within BN and the opposition.