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Tag: racial politics

Forget politics or race, let’s just play football

Leaders of various faiths take to the field with football legends to promote racial and religious unity.

Census data fuels racial politics, says don

UKM ethnic studies expert says colonial-era census data in use today is making racial splits worse.

Naik is stirring up racial unease among Malaysians, says Dr Mahathir

PM assures Malaysians that Naik will be probed according to the rule of law.

Only PAS will gain from a more rigid Umno, says prof

Ahmad Fauzi of USM says PAS are unlikely to be interested in a tie-up and would be content with control of two states.

Don: Umno voter base may make it more racial

William Case says although Umno had lost power, Pakatan Harapan won only 30% Malay support at the general election.

Umno’s choice to appeal to Malays, or to Malaysians

Analysts say any cooperation between PAS and Umno may only appeal to one section of the population and hamper national interests.

Think Malaysian, urges Chin Tong

The DAP strategist notes that for far too long, issues have been discussed along racial lines, with Malaysians harping on their strong racial identity.

Report: Cure needed for ‘disease’ of racial politics

A doctor describes the political issues that are dividing our country as a cancer and that changing politicians is merely treating symptoms, not the disease.

A non-Malay as prime minister after GE14?

Asean Today says such a scenario is not possible as Malaysia is divided along ethnoreligious lines, and those in power are keen to prevent non-Malay rule in the future.

Ambiga: Parties in power have agenda to keep people poor

Former president of Malaysian Bar says poverty and racial politics are carefully constructed agendas to keep certain quarters in control over the people.

Ignore imaginary threats, Malays told

A G25 member accuses politicians of building fears in order to maintain their power.

Malaysia’s Frankenstein

Politicians have created a beast that is becoming uncontrollable.

The Economist: Opposition in sorry state if it needs Dr M

Unable to find any credible young leader, opposition depends on an old war horse like Dr Mahathir Mohamad, but this may be a godsend, notes the respected magazine.

Study: Malaysians ready to discard racially-based parties

An Oxford University study funded by CIMB Foundation finds that Malaysians generally want greater integration and unity.

Here’s why Dr Mahathir is taking on the Sultan of Johor

Political analyst says it all boils down to winning Johor state, getting rid of Najib and scoring a point against royalty.

Umno will not play race card in GE14, says Nazri Aziz

Amanah leader Mujahid Yusof Rawa says even if Umno plays racial poltics, it won’t succeed as the Malays are smart enough to know what is happening.

Amanah pledges to protect DAP against Umno

Selangor Amanah delegate tells convention it is time to put an end to racial hatred and politics.

Change rules to ensure racially-mixed seats, says academic

UKM's Associate Prof Faisal Hazis says Election Commission must de-ethnicise constituencies to curb racial politics, for long-term good of country.

Make a stand on race politics, says Saifuddin

PH chief secretary says it is up to politicians to decide what to do with information from findings of a Cenbet study that suggests race politics is very much alive.