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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Tag: racial quota

The PH GE14 manifesto and BN Education Blueprint

The education minister should reform the policy of student intake at colleges and universities, including the matriculation programme, to ensure a balance between fair representation of ethnic groups and special assistance for the B40.

Matriculation an easier path to public universities than STPM, says don

Teo Kok Seong says the programme was created to boost the intake of Bumiputeras into public universities but that it has created a culture of dependence.

G25 man backs allowing more non-Bumis in matriculation course

Johan Ariffin says the current quota-based system is 'archaic and lopsided'.

Matriculation course should be open to all, says DAP leader

The current policy is to allocate 90% of seats in the pre-university programme to Bumiputeras.

No racial quota in recruitment, says navy chief

Admiral Kamarulzaman says navy regards everyone as Malaysians and invites non-Bumiputeras to join if they meet requirements.