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My experience as a victim of job discrimination

It is present even at multinational and government-linked companies

Boycott campaign targeting ‘non-Muslim products’ treads political battle lines

The campaign comes as contentious issues threaten Malaysia's race relations, says an analyst.

Save this nation, again

Many of the political leaders do not seem to have the political will to bring the change we yearned for and are giving in to those out to divide and destroy us.

Tun Razak and the question of racial dominance

Malaysia’s second prime minister was against any sort of racial dominance or superiority, and frequently urged leaders to sustain the racial harmony that existed.

Stop wearing mufti’s hat

Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin should vacate the position of mufti so that he will be free to air his views in any form of media or open forum.

Don’t touch on non-Muslims’ loyalty, PAS supporters group tells Naik

PAS Supporters’ Wing secretary S Barathidasan says statements touching on racial and religious sensitivities should be avoided by the preacher.

Kitschen says vacancy ad meant to call for Malay, Mandarin speakers

It says the notice was 'ill-drafted' and 'discriminatory' and did not comply with company SOP.

Let’s keep Malaysia beautiful, not see it burn

To help foster unity, the government should make it a priority to educate people on fact checking, especially postings on social media.

Our monarchs are our own creation

If the monarchs have transgressed or meddled in the affairs of the state, it is because elected leaders have agreed to it or been complicit in allowing such transgressions to take place.

Our racial media diet

Our staple diet is killing our ideals of what it means to be a Malaysian.

Not all past teachers good, not all present teachers bad

Although many older people tend to think that teachers of the past had more commitment and passion, there were also some poor excuses for teachers then, just as there are some excellent teachers today.

Australia PM slams ‘ugly racial protests’ in Melbourne

Police say there were three arrests but no officers or member of the public were known to have been hurt.

2019 will see the rise of more Beautiful Malaysians

I expect an increase in the chorus of Malaysian voices speaking out against injustice, racists and politicians who use religion to gain support, even as racial rhetoric rises.

Don’t start racial fires in the name of fireman Adib

The Seafield temple violence was not a racial issue but now the temple issue has been turned into an issue over Adib’s death by some groups, and I am afraid it has become a racial issue.

No place for racial, religious chauvinism in Selangor, says MB

Menteri Besar Amirudin Shari says the state administration will ensure peace and harmony are maintained.

The message in the Dec 8 rally for no reason

Politicians will continue harping on Malay fears until the standard of the Malay community is improved and they are confident in themselves and their abilities.

Trump political ad assailed as ‘sickening,’ racially divisive

The online ad features courtroom footage of Luis Bracamontes, an illegal immigrant from Mexico convicted in the 2014 killings of two police officers in Sacramento, California, saying in accented English he would kill more cops.

Urgent to fight racial disinformation on social media, says expert

However, Gayathry S Venkiteswaran says much of this is due to existing race-based policies.

Divided we stand

In the sixth part of a series on Malaysia's evolution vis-a-vis China, former ambassador Dennis Ignatius says little has changed under the PH government when it comes to celebrating diversity.

White Chicago cop on trial for black teen shooting death

Several other police officers connected to the case face criminal charges for making false statements or impeding the investigation into the shooting.

What development and racial unity, Balakong Malays ask

Some Malay residents in the Chinese-majority state constituency are not excited by the coming election.

Close racial, religious polarisation gaps, interfaith group tells Putrajaya

In a Merdeka Day message, the MCCBCHST says high hopes have been placed on the new government to uphold freedom, justice and equality.

Mahathir wants ex-servicemen to help unite Malaysians

Patriot president says the prime minister, at a meeting with the NGO, urged its members to promote a spirit of solidarity among people of all races.

Guan Eng: Why be tied down by racial sentiments?

DAP sec-gen says MCA, along with PAS and Umno, may be extremes on different ends.