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Tag: racism

Varsities entitled to academic freedom but Malay congress crossed the line,...

The group of former top civil servants draw attention to its own forum which it says was free from political agendas.

Stage 4 cancer in our public universities

How can we employ graduates who can only offer an imaginary social contract as their curriculum vitae to secure employment?

We’ll all leave pitch if racially abused, says England striker

The Three Lions ready to defy protocols in Euro 2020 qualifiers, according to Tammy Abraham.

Behold, the ‘new normal’ in Malaysia Baru

Dignity cannot be built upon bigotry, intolerance and extremism.

Taking a leaf from kids in the fight against racism

Good race relations should begin early, at school, not when the young have left school.

Why Dr M should sack PKR and DAP, according to Umno...

Both parties under fire but DAP bears the brunt of criticism by Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki over a string of alleged racist remarks.

No attacks on Chinese and Indians, how can congress be racist,...

The Pakatan Harapan chairman says it is Malays themselves who are being condemned at the congress.

Man behind 2007 Hindraf protests longs for a ‘Malay Abraham Lincoln’...

No one cares about Indian victims, says lawyer-turned-activist.

Springboks star Etzebeth facing legal action for racist abuse, assault

There is not urgency to get the 27-year-old back to South Africa.

Silva’s tweet was unintentional, says Sterling

England forward says Silva made a bad joke to a friend, but everyone needs to understand it was not intentional.

Mercedes dismiss 4 involved in bullying of Muslim colleague

Mercedes acted immediately upon complaint.

Racist Roma fan banned for life

Club also filed police complaint against supporter for sending 'disgusting insults' to Juan Jesus.

Fifa chief urges action after racist abuse halts Serie A game

Infantino says those responsible must be identified and thrown out of stadium.

Trudeau resumes campaign as polls show damage from blackface photo

Survey polls suggest that the photos have impacted public opinion of Justin Trudeau.

‘Not a single complaint’ about hiring by race

Isolated cases should not be made an issue, says deputy human resources minister.

Battered Trudeau gets brief reprieve amid Canada blackface scandal

Canadian public reaction to the images has been mixed and it was too early to say whether the scandal will shift votes ahead of an Oct 21 election.

No getting rid of racism entirely, says Salleh

The former minister says leaders can only reduce and control racism, and that unity in diversity must be more than just a slogan.

Canada’s Trudeau apologises for dressing up in brownface in 2001

Justin Trudeau says he should've known better than to put on the offensive makeup.

International footballer says left Selangor team due to racism

Former QPR striker Antonio German says he was told by fans that he was 'too dark' to play for Selangor.

Michael B Jordan, Jamie Foxx take on wrongful convictions, racism in...

The film is based on US civil rights attorney Bryan Stevenson's book 'Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption'.

Lukaku says Italy needs to fight racism to attract top players

Romelu Lukaku agrees that players should walk off the pitch when racist abuse is happening in a game.

Hate speech: Authorities slammed for sparing politicians, religious leaders

Former Transparency International chief notes that only ordinary members of the public are being charged in court.

Malaysian screenwriter for ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ leaves due to wage inequality

Veteran TV writer, Adele Lim, ends involvement with the production because male, white co-writer is paid close to US$1 mil compared to her US$110,000.

We’re going backwards, says Lukaku after racist abuse at Cagliari

Romelu Lukaku laments the lack of action despite years of complaints from players.