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Tag: racism

Blame Umno, not Constitution for racism, says Ramasamy

It makes no sense for MCA to blame Constitution for deteriorating race relations, says Penang DAP leader.

Racial politics, not vernacular schools breeds racism

DAP lawmaker M Kula Segaran says a single stream education as proposed by an academician would only lead to greater disunity in the country.

TI: Aziz Bari should stick to being an academician

MCA spokesperson Ti Lian Ker says constitutional expert should refrain from politicking and limit himself to speaking as an academician only.

How can you get it so wrong, Mr BTN chief?

It's amazing how Ibrahim Saad can't see that racism today is worse than it has ever been.

Ti: Constitution coloured by racial, religious provisions

MCA man says politicians cannot be solely blamed for racism in the country.

BTN chief concedes racism peaks during election season

Ibrahim Saad however maintains racism in the country today is not as bad as it was in the 1970s and 1980s.

UKM don: Single stream schools will boost unity

Principal Fellow at UKM's Institute of Ethnic Studies Teo Kok Seong claims vernacular schools tend to emphasise ethnicity and culture.

You may be oblivious to your racist streak

A Melbourne-based Malaysian group has decided to initiate conversations on overcoming racism.

Police to monitor school to prevent racist fights

Who is Ramasamy to ask headmistress and deputy to be fired, asks deputy education minister.

When boys fight, race is seldom an issue

The adults are the ones who throw racism into the mix.

Parents hold protest over racial brawls at school

About 100 demand answers over claims of abuse and fighting among schoolboys.

Row over racial remarks after brawl by secondary school pupils

Ramasamy threatens to hold a demo to get an explanation from school head and senior assistant.

Ti: Cowardice by Guan Eng not condemning Ali

DAP leader should admonish racist actions instead of hiding behind multiracial tag, says MCA spokesman.

Don: Racism exists as part of political system

Universiti Sarawak Malaysia Associate Professor Andrew Aeria notes that seats in Sarawak are divided into different racial and religious categories.

Racial politics still effective, survey shows

More than half of Peninsular Malaysians can still be swayed by racial rhetoric.

Why is Ola Bola’s message of unity not reflected in society?

Facebook user's post on film goes viral, urges filmmakers to explore the issue through films.

Kit Siang: Abolish BTN in Budget review

DAP veteran questions RM1.2bn spent on 'ultra Malay-racist' civics bureau over 30 years

Doc called ‘keling’ lauded for her professionalism

Malaysian Medical Association president says Dr Shalini Paramaswaran showed exemplary professionalism in the face of racism.