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The politics of bigotry & extremism

Leaders in PAS, Umno and BN warn the people that Malaysia will suffer if the opposition takes over, but it is the current situation that worries the electorate far more.

Sabah Umno leader: Umno not just for Malays

Penampang Umno chief John Ambrose says some Umno delegates at recent general assembly may have sounded racist, but Umno is not racist as party has Kadazanmurut and even Chinese members in Sabah.

Wake up! Do not define racism so simplistically

The worst form of racism is not even trying to help our own race but creating imagined enemies among the people, using race, while we amass the privileges to ourselves.

Kaepernick protests ‘touched a nerve’: Durant

The former NBA Most Valuable Player applauded Colin Kaepernick's fervent opposition to police brutality and racism.

Trump calls for Lynch suspension if anthem protest continues

US President Donald Trump has called upon the NFL to suspend Marshawn Lynch for remaining seated during the American national anthem.

Now healthcare shop in JB rebuked for Malay-only policy

Political figures from Pakatan Harapan and Barisan Nasional want incidences of racial segregation curbed by adding anti-discrimination rule in business licence.

Malay Rulers slam ‘divisive acts’ in the name of Islam

They praise Johor ruler Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar for his strong stance against the Muslims-only laundrette in his state.

Stop spreading bigotry in Sabah, Perkasa told

Parti Cinta Sabah says it views the Chinese in Sabah and Sarawak as part of one big family and not foreigners.

Diversity according to Putrajaya’s department in charge of unity

A senior officer from the Department of National Unity and Integration says diversity should be tackled with caution.

Suhakam: Small ethnic groups will disappear if majority stay silent

Suhakam commissioner Godfrey Gregory Joitol says silent majority must speak up against those from the majority who force their culture on others.

‘Disharmony not a problem yet, but could become one’

Prominent social critic Eddin Khoo says decades of social conditioning have compromised interracial and inter-religious harmony.

No racism among soldiers, says army vet

'They do everything together and this makes it easy for them to see one another as brothers.'

Prof: Use tax from private varsities to help Malay students

UCSI lecturer Tajuddin Rasdi says private universities pay huge amounts in taxes that could be used to help poor Malay students pursue a better education.

Nazri calls Perkasa a racist group

Tourism and culture minister says Perkasa is small-minded and does not represent anyone.

‘Magical Negro’: The racist cliche Hollywood won’t drop

Critics have argued that obvious examples of discrimination, such as the under-representation of minorities on both sides of the camera, are obscuring this more subtle, insidious form of racism.

Malaysia becoming increasingly polarised? Analysts have differing views

IDEAS chief Wan Saiful Wan Jan worries political situation is getting increasingly racial and religious but UUM's Professor Azizuddin Mohd Sani thinks otherwise.

‘Correcting Malays’ communal mindset wasn’t my task alone’

Pakatan Harapan chairman Dr Mahathir rejects claims that if Umno were to disappear, Malay rights would go along with it

‘Malays want Malay party, so DAP can’t contest under PPBM’

Pakatan Harapan chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad says PPBM has to remain a Malay party in order to gain the support of Malay voters who are 'still very communal'.

Najib confirms BTN a political tool, says Maria

The Bersih 2.0 chief says the open call by the prime minister to use BTN to win elections is 'astoundingly' wrong.

Get rid of racist BTN, urges DAP’s Kasthuri

The Batu Kawan MP says Najib’s statement that BTN will help BN stay in power is unbefitting of a statesman.

South Korea’s first black model faces widespread racism

Han, 16, has a Nigerian father in a society where racial discrimination is widespread and people of mixed race are commonly referred to as "mongrels".

BTN encouraging racism, says Amanah

BTN modules also encouraging hatred towards Chinese, says Amanah deputy president Salahuddin Ayub.

Malaysian’s photos on racism featured in The Guardian

Daniel Lee Adam's series 'Why Is Your English So Good?' exposes the casual racism Malaysians encounter in the UK and Ireland on a daily basis.

Bata denies racist claims about its campaign

Shoe company says its 'Shoes for Indian school children' advertisement is part of its campaign to celebrate its history and diversity.