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Tag: racism

Football League ‘angered’ by alleged racist abuse

The incidents come hot on the heels of the racist abuse that had already tarnished this season across Europe.

Serginho’s ‘walk off’ divides opinion

Bolivia's president Evo Morales expressed his solidarity with Serginho, as did Blooming coach, Erwin Sanchez.

Bonucci sets record straight

Bonucci claimed he was too hasty with his comments directly after the game.

Juve’s Kean says his goal celebration was best response to abuse

Meanwhile, European football's anti-discrimination watchdog FARE described racism in football as the 'Italian epidemic'.

Uefa chief Ceferin slams outbreaks of racist abuse

Uefa president Aleksander Ceferin recognises racism in football happens all across Europe.

FA chairman wants tougher rules to tackle racism

Greg Clarke said UEFA's three-step protocol on tackling racism could be improved.

African great Toure blasts football chiefs over racism

Toure urges official to be proactive and not reactive when dealing with racism in football.

Klopp, Guardiola would back players leaving pitch over racist abuse

The situation came into light after UEFA have opened an investigation for players who became victims of abuse.

Kane says would support ‘walk off’ over racial abuse

Kane won't hesitate to support his team mates if they choose to abandon a game over racist abuse.

PH government is indulging in baloney

PH promised us many things but the environment is still as bad, it is reverting to old habits and projects such as a national car, reforms are still not evident, and it has allowed the opposition to set the agenda.

Actor Smollett cleared of all charges

Smollett was accused of sending himself a threatening letter and hiring two acquaintances to stage a street attack.

Montenegro FA promises to ban racist fans

The Montenegrin FA says they will do everything to identify the individuals responsible and hand out bans.

England manager condemns racism as Uefa charge Montenegro

Montenegro are facing charges including racist behaviour and crowd disturbances.

Imam who urged Czech Muslims to take up arms is fired

The Ukrainian-born lawyer as saying he made the appeal owing to "Islamophobic sentiments" in the Czech Republic.

‘Muslims are safe in New Zealand’

New Zealand foreign minister Peters reassures safety of Muslims in the country.

New Zealand prays, falls silent, a week after mosque massacres

New Zealanders came together in show of solidarity a week from tragedy.

Racial discrimination continues in ‘New Malaysia’, says report

Report by Pusat Komas says racism remains a problem and documents trends in racial discrimination last year.

Chinese basketball probes ‘racial abuse’ of US player

This is not the first time Sharks fans have called unwanted attention towards themselves.

White House dismisses praise of Trump by NZ shooter

US President Donald Trump has condemned the Christchurch massacre as a 'vicious act of hate' but also said that he does not see rising white nationalism as a threat.

Segregation of students by religion makes Sabah parents see red

School principal says this new system for Form 1 students is due to the lack of classrooms.

Major flaws in study on racism in the job market

The study is an attempt at reinforcing stereotypical views of different ethnic groups and furthering racially charged political agendas.

No place for racism in Islam

There isn’t a single verse in the Quran that debases a person’s race in the context of human relations.

Ketuanan Melayu and the end of Malaysia Baru

Malaysia needs a counter-narrative to the Ketuanan Melayu ideology before the country reaches a point of no return.

Racism, the spoke in the wheel of reforms

Pakatan Harapan leaders must do more to counter the racist claims of Ketuanan Melayu politicians if they are serious about genuine reform in the country.