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Racism, the spoke in the wheel of reforms

Pakatan Harapan leaders must do more to counter the racist claims of Ketuanan Melayu politicians if they are serious about genuine reform in the country.

Bullied and far from home, Orang Asli students still miserable at...

In their new book, Orang Asli women say all children deserve stress-free schooling.

Trump accuses film-maker Spike Lee of ‘racist hit job’

After winning his first Oscar, Spike Lee urged voters to choose a 'moral choice between love versus hate.'

India’s top court orders protection for Kashmiris

India's Supreme Court orders authorities to prevent retaliatory attacks on Kahsmiris as right-wing Hindu groups call for reprisals.

Christmas Islands’ Malays no longer second-class citizens

A new generation of Malays is dreaming big and building progressive lives.

‘Green Book’ enjoys biggest Oscar nominations bounce at box office

Film about American race relations rakes in an additional US$82 million after being nominated for an Oscar.

West Ham’s Antonio wants points deduction, stadium closure for racism

Antonio said racism could be eradicated from stadiums if the Football Association (FA) and UEFA took stricter action when incidents were reported.

Fellow actors defend Liam Neeson over controversial comments

Fellow actors come to Liam Neeson's defense after backlash.

Gucci pulls polo neck after ‘blackface’ claims

The "balaclava jumper" can be pulled up to the eyes with the mouth visible through large red lips.

West Ham investigate alleged racist abuse aimed at Liverpool’s Salah

The football club says it has a 'zero tolerance policy' to any form of violent or abusive behaviour.

Red carpet event for Liam Neeson movie scrapped after revenge remarks

The 66-year-old Irish star says no violence occurred and that he is not a racist.

Liam Neeson reveals hunting for ‘black bastard’ to kill

Neeson details a week of rage during which he walked the streets with a type of baton called a cosh in search of his innocent victim.

UK Sports Minister calls in football bodies over racism

Davies will meet in the coming weeks with representatives of the Football Association, Premier League and English Football League to address the issues.

Official discrimination and private preferences

Whether we like it or not, official discrimination will set the tone for the nation.

Pakistan’s Sarfraz suspended for controversial taunt

Cricket's world governing body says Sarfraz later accepted he had breached the ICC's anti-racism code for participants.

Sorry, you look Indian/Malay, couple told in hunt for home

A newly married couple share how they were rejected by an owner whose property they wanted to rent because of their race.

Classroom role-playing makes schoolyards safer for vulnerable students

Suhakam comes up with a non-conventional way to reduce bullying.

Students in Trump hats mock Native American; school apologises

The students were filmed surrounding a Native American Vietnam veteran and mocking his singing and drumming.

Malaysian left brain dead after racist attack at New York City...

Suspect tells police that a Chinese movie in which 'men were mistreating women' inspired him to launch the attack.

Ex-Chicago policeman sentenced to nearly 7 years in black teen’s death

Activists wanted a longer sentence.

No room in Penang, man turned down by landlords for not...

Divyang Hong speaks fluent Mandarin, but he was not good enough for some landlords in Penang.

Race row after guards clear Cape Town beach

This is the latest in a series of controversies over the issue of racism on South Africa's beaches.

Prada says sorry after products spark accusations of racism

The Italian fashion label will donate any proceeds from Pradamalia already sold to a 'New York-based organisation committed to fighting racial justice, which is a value that we strongly believe in'.

Suhakam releases annual report, says worried about Malaysia’s direction

The 348-page report underlines various human rights issues such as child marriages, freedom of speech and stateless children, which continue to plague society.