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Stop inciting hatred among races on social media, Sabah cops warn...

They say 2 cases in Petagas and Ranau have escalated because of hate comments on social media.

Zuckerberg security chief placed on leave amid probe over racist remarks

Liam Booth, a former Secret Service officer, is also accused of making homophobic remarks.

Folau says it would be ‘Satan’s work’ to back down in...

Folau says Satan offers one stuff that could look good to the eye and makes you feel comfortable.

Liverpool’s Klopp condemns ‘disgusting’ Salah abuse ahead of Chelsea clash

Jurgen Klopp condemned Chelsea fans for slurring racist abuse remarks at Liverpool's Mohamed Salah.

Exco’s service centre defaced with racist profanities

National Wanita DAP leader Chong Eng says she is shocked by the incident.

‘Empire’ actor Smollett pleads not guilty to lying about Chicago attack

Police said Smollett hoped the incident would advance his career and secure him a higher salary.

Nazri’s remarks may damage Sabah Umno’s reputation, say analysts

They say Sabah Umno should distance itself from Nazri Aziz’s alleged racial remarks.

Act sternly against extremists

The new government should not pander to the demands of extremists, which are often ridiculous, incendiary and stupid.

‘Racist’ Serena Williams cartoon given Australian all-clear

Melbourne Herald-Sun illustrator Mark Knight's caricature of Serena Williams sparks an immense backlash, likening it to the era of racial segregation in the United States.

‘Empire’ actor charged with filing false report of assault

'Empire' star Jussie Smollett's case takes a huge turn as he is now facing felony criminal charges for false claims of assault.

US congressman from Iowa under fire for racist comments

King is known for espousing hard-line views on immigration and has long backed building a wall along the southern border with Mexico.

Say sorry and pay RM30 million, Teresa Kok tells right-wing leader

The minister gives 7 days for Azwanddin Hamzah to respond or face legal action.

UKM institute cancels controversial forum on Indians

However, no reasons are given for the cancellation.

Ryanair passenger racism video prompts police investigation

A cabin crew member and a passenger can be seen intervening in an apparent attempt to calm the man, whilst another can be heard pleading for staff to move the woman.

Isn’t ‘Malay tsunami’ as racist as ‘Chinese tsunami’, Najib asks Kit...

The former prime minister questions the term used by DAP in the build-up to the May 9 polls.

Turkey hits out at ‘anti-Islam’ Austria over imam expulsions

Kalin, the spokesman for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, suggested the decision was part of efforts to "normalise Islamophobia and racism", which he said must be rejected.

New Zealand PM says country ‘undeniably’ racist

The centre-left leader is responding to comments from Kiwi film-maker Taika Waititi that his homeland is racist.

Fair economic policies can end racial polarisation, says lawyer

A rights lawyer says while Malaysia's racial divisions are a legacy of British colonialism, current policies are still no solution.

US police search for Texas package bomber

A reward for information leading to an arrest has been raised from US$15,000 to US$65,000.

Warisan to take legal action against Anifah

At least 3 police reports lodged against Foreign Minister Anifah Aman over alleged racist remarks against Warisan and its president Shafie Apdal.

Leader of Britain’s UKIP faces calls to quit

Henry Bolton has been put under pressure to quit his position because of racist messages sent by his girlfriend.

Trump: ‘I’m not a racist’

"I'm not a racist. I am the least racist person you have ever interviewed, that I can tell you," Trump told reporters.

Hisham to delegates: Show everyone Umno has returned to strength

The Umno vice-president, warning delegates to watch what they say so that the media and others will not be able to paint the party as disunited or ‘racist’, reminds them to be mindful of GE14.

A waste of time for rulers to meet Zamihan, says Zaid

Former minister says the sultans are better off talking to genuine Islamic reformists like Maszlee Malik and Dr Ahmad Farouk Musa.