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Tag: radicalisation

At summit to mend ties, Modi, Xi see common challenge on...

Radicalisation is a matter of concern to both countries.

A narrative of hate and prejudice

The inability to rebut Zakir Naik's arguments is a problem of those who are against him.

Zakir Naik and the radicalisation of Malaysia Baru

Thanks to decades of sustained Wahhabi indoctrination and infiltration, Malaysia is no longer the moderate country it once was although we continue to pretend it is.

‘Black sheep’: Sri Lanka’s Easter Sunday bomb massacre mastermind

Sri Lankan terrorist Mohamed Hashim Mohamed Zahran had been radicalised from a very young age.

Radicalisation threat in Belgium jails, according to intel

The State Security Service says Belgium faces a 'considerable problem' of extremism in jails and that convicted terrorists continue to reoffend.

Countering terrorism with democracy

There needs to be a holistic approach to security threats where government, businesses, civil society, police and military work together to develop comprehensive policies.

Here’s how to stop recruitment of Rohingya, says Tenaganita

Tenaganita director Glorene Das says the government will be equally responsible for the outcome if the Rohingya community is not recognised in the country.

Displaced Rohingya could be recruited by terrorist groups

Defence Minister Mohamad Sabu warns that the Rohingyas may accept whatever extremist views if they feel that is their only way to achieve victory and return to their homeland.

Don’t turn your back on us, Albania PM tells EU

Edi Rama claimed that rejection of Albania's bid for EU membership would lead to increased Islamic radicalisation in his country.

UK man gets life for trying to form ‘army’ of child...

Umar Ahmed Haque will serve a minimum of 25 years in jail after being found guilty at London's Old Bailey of trying to radicalise scores of children to commit a mass attack on businesses and communities in London.

Man jailed 44 years for supplying gun in Australia shooting makes...

Raban Alou admitted obtaining and giving a handgun to 15-year-old at a Sydney mosque in 2015.

We need to talk about radicalisation in prisons

The threat of radicalisation in jail among inmates and wardens is a growing phenomenon, and Malaysia has not been spared.

India to seek Zakir Naik’s extradition from Malaysia, says report

India's National Investigation Agency has sent evidence on the controversial preacher's alleged terror activities to its home ministry and is awaiting prosecution sanction before taking action.

Prisoners radicalised by detainee with militant links identified

IGP Fuzi Harun says the recruitment among prisoners has been going on for some time.

Singapore says Zakir Naik, Ismail Menk a threat to multiracial society

Minister laments worrying trend of exclusivist religious views, adding that Singapore disallowed two foreign Christian preachers from entering the island state for denigrating other religions.

‘Decentralisation good for southern Philippines’

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's push for decentralisation will give conflict-plagued Mindanao more autonomy and halt radicalisation.