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I haven’t been active in politics for a year, Latheefa tells...

MACC chief reassures naysayers that she has never truly been an 'active politician' despite being in PKR for 15 years.

Why not radio stations for each native group? says assemblyman

Dennis Ngau said it is unfair to other ethnic communities in Sarawak if only the Penan have a radio service of their own.

Malaysian filmmaker’s farewell to dad gains international acclaim

Victor Chen's short film, My Ba's Radio, wins Best Short Film at the Mantova Lovers Short Film Festival in Italy.

Real Madrid sack youth coach after he criticised team on radio

Real Madrid sacked youth coach Alvaro Benito after he made negative comments about their first team on a radio programme.

Living with your parents? Why you should buy anyway

If one still lives with their parents, it becomes even more advantageous to buy a property and its the ideal investment.

Hilang penglihatan, ubah remaja bermasalah kepada usahawan berjaya

Saluran stesen radio Raaga mengumpul individu awam yang disanjungi oleh masyarakat setempat untuk mengiktiraf dan meraikan sumbangan ikhlas mereka.

Spotify dumps ‘specific’ far-right Alex Jones podcast episodes

Spotify has removed podcast episodes of American far-right radio show host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones for breaching its policy against hate speech.

Pemanggil harus elak 5 perkara ketika siaran langsung

Penerbit dan joki radio juga ada 'pause button' untuk hentikan serta-merta panggilan tidak wajar daripada berterusan.

US radio giant iHeartMedia files for bankruptcy

Leading US radio company iHeartMedia, which runs some of the country's most popular Top 40 stations, has filed for bankruptcy protection as it struggles to pay $20 billion in debt.

Rwanda shuts radio for denigrating women

Amazing Grace FM had in January broadcast a sermon by a local pastor who said women were dangerous, evil and against God's plans.

ERA fm tak putar lagu Siti, netizen marah

Lagu baharu Siti Nurhaliza yang berjudul, Segala Perasaan tidak dimainkan oleh saluran radio itu.

97% Malaysians still listen to the radio

Shared experiences and human connection is what makes people enjoy radio.

Despacito ban: Let children make their own song choice

PAGE chairman Noor Azimah Abdul Rahim says it is up to children if they want to sing 'Despacito', which has been banned on RTM airwaves for its sexually-charged lyrics.

Free digital TV decoders for 4.2 million BR1M households

Malaysia to close down its analogue broadcasting by June 2018.

Singapore radio station fined for racially insensitive comments by DJs

The three radio deejays were said to have hurt feelings of listeners while discussing a survey on sleep habits of the various races.

Mara Digital’s sole supplier: Huge stocks, no complaints

WGN Scan general manager denies there are problems about supplies and says the only complaint so far was about giving more publicity to the mall.

Johor belum rekod jangkitan virus Zika

Jabatan Kesihatan Johor menerima 10 kes disyaki mempunyai kaitan dengan jangkitan virus Zika di mana 4 kes negatif dan 6 kes masih menunggu keputusan ujian makmal.

Adibah Noor to bid farewell to Suria FM

Local actress-singer joined Star Media Group's Malay station three years ago and her stint as a radio deejay will come to an end on May 31.

Archived: Local music industry facing a brain drain?

The music scene in Malaysia, its 'glass ceiling' and prejudices is a point of frustration for many local artistes. The more brazen ones leave for pastures abroad and some perhaps never to return.

RFS ‘poisoning mentality’ of rural Dayaks

Barisan Nasional leaders in rural Sarawak want the government to clamp down on Radio Free Sarawak broadcast.

BN ‘selective’ with BR1M aid

The Barisan Nasional government is using the BR1M aid to suss out who their supporters are in the various constituencies in Sarawak.

Archived: Sacked radio DJ returns with DurianFM

'Freedom of expression' will power newest online radio DurianFM, which was launched yesterday.

‘Report Radio Free Sarawak to police’

State minister Joseph Salang refuses to believe that Radio Free Sarawak is broadcasting from London.

Archived: Ex-British PM’s relative behind Radio Free Sarawak

Radio Free Sarawak, which has gained extensive ground in rural Sarawak with its stories about Chief Minister Taib Mahmud's plundering ways, has finally revealed its owners.