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Rafizi was not wrong in asking me to crash police barricade,...

The Pakatan Harapan candidate for Rantau defends the PKR vice-president after Umno calls for him to be probed over his comments.

Judge advises NFCorp, Rafizi to settle suit amicably

Judge sets Feb 11 for further case management.

Where’s the proof that Malays give up easily, asks Rafizi

The PKR veep challenges the negative stereotypes attributed to the community.

Use proper channels to raise party issues, Anwar tells Azmin

He responds to Azmin’s statement for a review of new appointments to the party central leadership, including picking Rafizi Ramli as vice-president.

Whose figures do we believe?

We have no way of knowing whose study is more authentic or reliable but something stinks.

‘Rafizi knows what will happen,’ says Dr M after poll shows...

PKR's Rafizi Ramli had said an opinion poll showed a drop in ratings for Mahathir and the Pakatan Harapan-led federal government.

It’s official: Azmin beats Rafizi, Anwar assumes presidency

The vice-president's posts are filled by Nurul Izzah Anwar, Xavier Jayakumar, Tian Chua and Zuraida Kamaruddin.

Stop mocking Anwar’s ability to be PM, Rafizi tells PKR leaders

PKR's outgoing vice-president says the party should be united in ensuring its incoming president is the next prime minister.

Azmin leads but yet to win deputy president post

Vote-tallying process for the elections is still pending due to thousands of 'undi ragu' (doubtful votes).

Unofficial: Rafizi wins Negeri Sembilan, Sabah picks Azmin

Azmin Ali is also said to have taken the lead in Sarawak.

PKR polls: Azmin leads Rafizi by nearly 4,000 votes

In a tight race for the deputy president's post, incumbent Mohamed Azmin Ali has won in 16 out of 21 divisions in Sarawak today.

PKR re-election: Rafizi wins Keningau by 3 votes

Unofficial results show that he polled 624 votes against incumbent Mohamed Azmin Ali's 621 votes.

Azmin claims to be in the dark over Wan Azizah’s visit...

The deputy president says PKR holds on to the principle that its leaders should not abuse their powers, especially in campaigning for the party polls.

Rafizi: I could have enjoyed a 3,000-vote lead

However, the former Pandan MP, who is trailing party deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali by over a thousand votes in Sabah, remains upbeat about his chances.

Azmin leads in Sabah after results announced for 22 divisions

Azmin Ali leads by over 1,600 votes pending results from three other divisions in Tawau, Keningau and Pensiangan.

PKR polls chief dismisses claims of interference

PKR election committee chairman Rashid Din says state election committee members are there to support the national committee members and not the other way around.

Final phase of PKR election in Selangor today

Over 61,000 members from six divisions head to the polls today.

Tian Chua calls for probe of PKR election results in 2...

PKR leader wants the probe to be extended to other states if results do not tally.

Berjuang tanpa harap balasan wang atau kuasa, Azmin nasihat ahli PKR

Timbalan presiden PKR itu turut ahli PKR menolak amalan politik wang, khasnya sepanjang tempoh pemilihan parti diadakan.

9 divisions kick off Selangor PKR polls

They are the first out of 22 divisions in the state to cast their ballots.

Rafizi takes slim lead over Azmin after winning FT polls

Rafizi Ramli says he has won in seven of the 13 divisions in the Federal Territories and obtained 2,934 votes against Azmin's 2,794.

Azmin helped too, Wan Azizah says after Rafizi’s funding claims

Rafizi has claimed that Wan Azizah and her husband had to mortgage their house to help pay for the deposits of PKR candidates in GE14.

Azmin, Rafizi akan kembali berpaut

Anwar dengan keterampilan diplomasi yang ada padanya akan tetap memastikan Rafizi dan Azmin kembali menjadi sahabat baik dalam perjuangan parti.

Adakah PKR kini jadi kongsi gelap, Tian Chua tanya Rafizi

Naib presiden PKR itu merujuk kenyataan Rafizi Ramli yang hanya beberapa orang tertentu terbabit dalam perbincangan pengosongan kerusi Parlimen untuk Anwar Ibrahim.