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Tag: Rahul Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi named as interim president of Congress

Sonia Gandhi is back as India's Congress leader again as son Rahul struggles to keep up with his family image as a privileged, dynastic scion.

India’s battered Congress party closes ranks after election setback

Ghandi offers to quit but the Congress Working Group unanimously and with one voice rejected the offer.

BJP menang besar dalam pilihan raya India

BJP mendahului di hampir 300 kerusi, manakala pakatan pembangkang Kongres meraih kemenangan di 53 kawasan.

India court dismisses claim Rahul Gandhi is secret Brit

Gandhi and Modi have traded almost daily barbs over corruption, national security and the economy during the campaign.

India govt to Rahul Gandhi: Are you British?

A deputy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's ruling party accused Gandhi of lying about his nationality.

India’s Modi rides nationalist fervour ahead of election

Polls predict Narendra Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party-led (BJP) alliance will just win a parliamentary majority, a sharp drop from his commanding mandate five years ago

Rahul Gandhi: destiny’s child or an ’empty suit’?

"He was precise and articulate and demonstrated a mastery that belied the image some have of Gandhi as a dilettante,"

Poor boy Modi becomes India’s nationalist powerhouse

With his neat white beard and a vast collection of headgear, Modi regales rallies with stories of how he is "a son of soil", contrasting himself with Gandhi as a spoiled member of the dynasty

India: Parti pembangkang utama umum senarai pertama calon pilihan raya

PRU India dijangka berlangsung pada April hingga Mei 2019, meskipun jadual sebenar belum diumumkan.

‘Lord’ Modi just like the British, India’s Gandhi says

Gandhi hopes to unseat Modi in the vote due by May.

India’s Gandhi vows to reform sales tax, seek investment as poll...

Rahul Gandhi says that foreign investment was at a multi-year low in India due to the ill-advised economic moves.

State polls pose India’s Modi regional test before reelection bid

BJP's performance in these states will reflect both on Modi's personal popularity and the state of the main, Nehru-Gandhi dynasty led opposition Congress party before 2019.

Rahul Gandhi to meet Indians in Malaysia

The Congress president is scheduled to have sessions with businessmen and others and attend a youth event in Brickfields on Saturday.

Rahul Gandhi extends family grip on India’s Congress party

Rahul was elected unopposed to take over from his mother who has been at the helm since 1998 following the assassination of her husband Rajiv.

Gandhi brand no longer sells in Indian politics

The Congress-backed candidate was crushed in Saturday's parliamentary ballot by the nominee of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his ruling nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).