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Singapore detains Myanmar group accused of links to Rakhine insurgency

Singapore authorities say they have arrested a group of Myanmar nationals allegedly rallying support for armed violence against the Myanmar government.

Myanmar army rejects ICC bid for full Rohingya probe

The ICC's interference harms the dignity of Myanmar and its military, says a military spokesman. 

Usir warga asing tak selesai konflik Rakhine, kata PM

Dr Mahathir Mohamad berkata, Myanmar akan mendapat manfaat jika etnik Rohingya di Rakhine diberikan hak mereka.

Getting rid of foreigners won’t solve Rakhine conflict, says Dr M

The prime minister says Myanmar will benefit if those in Rakhine are given their rights.

Outcry as Asean predicts ‘smooth’ Rohingya return to Myanmar

An Asean report predicting half a million Rohingya refugees will return to Myanmar in two years leaves observers incredulous for overlooking numerous atrocities.

Myanmar soldiers jailed for Rohingya killings freed after less than a...

The soldiers are enjoying freedom after only serving less than a year over their 10-year prison sentence for murdering 10 Rohingya's in 2017.

UN official urges aid access for Myanmar’s Rakhine state

A U.N. official has stated that authorities in Myanmar had turned down requests for her to meet with refugees in the Rakhine area, and urges for the country to grant aid workers 'predictable, sustained access' into the state.

Myanmar troops kill 6, detain suspects related to rebel links

The six rebels shot dead could be part of the rebel Arakan Army in the country's western state of Rakhine.

Top Myanmar court rejects appeal by Reuters reporters

Supporters believe the pair have been punished for investigating a massacre of 10 Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar's western Rakhine state in September 2017.

Fresh clashes in Myanmar’s Rakhine state temple town

The township of Mrauk U part of the Rakhine state has always been an epicentre of fights between Myanmar army and Rakhine rebels.

Myanmar woman widowed in Rakhine attack pleads for peace

As violence rips through the western Myanmar state, widowed Ma Oo Khin urged security forces and rebels alike to negotiate peacefully.

9 cops killed in attack in Myanmar’s Rakhine

The attack occurred late Saturday in Yoetayoke village, just an hour north of Rakhine state’s capital Sittwe.

In Myanmar, new parties challenge Suu Kyi’s grip on power

Emerging political parties blamed for poor performance of ruling party in November elections.

Aid curbs in Myanmar’s Rakhine impact ‘at least 50,000 people’

According to the UN, government curbs on aid activities in Myanmar's western Rakhine State 'are affecting at least 50,000 people.'

Myanmar ‘too slow’ in allowing Rohingya return, says UN chief

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres says he feels an enormous frustration with the lack of progress in relation to Myanmar and with the suffering of the people.

Myanmar army kills 13 rebels in Rakhine clashes

Myanmar’s civilian administration last week called on the military to 'crush' the rebels.

Myanmar army to launch ‘crackdown’ on Rakhine rebels

Myanmar's Rakhine state has seen a series of clashes in recent weeks between security forces and the Arakan Army (AA), an armed group calling for more autonomy for the state's ethnic Rakhine Buddhist population.

Rakhine rebels kill 13 in Independence Day attack on Myanmar police...

Fighting resurged in Rakhine state between government forces and the rebel Arakan Army, which wants greater autonomy for Rakhine.

Myanmar forces conduct ‘clearance operations’ after two killed in Rakhine state

Myanmar security forces had been carrying out area clearance operations after two ethnic Rakhine Buddhist men were found with their throats slit.

Myanmar’s president praises Rakhine state for ‘auspicious’ year

Many have attempted to leave by boats to Malaysia and Indonesia since the monsoon season ended last month.

Myanmar’s neighbours to call for ‘accountability’ in Rakhine crisis

Myanmar's de facto leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, who will be joining the summit in Singapore, has been widely criticised for her handling of the crisis.

Lebih 2,000 pelarian Rohingya akan pulang ke Myanmar

Rumah, klinik kesihatan, bekalan air dan elektrik, jalan raya serta kaunter khas sedia menyambut ketibaan 2,260 pelarian mulai tengah bulan depan.

Menteri: Rohingya dihantar pulang ke Myanmar tahun depan

Menteri Luar berkata, Pasukan Khas Menteri Luar Asean yang diketuai Singapura akan ke Myanmar hujung bulan ini untuk berbincang kaedah paling cepat membantu Rohingya pulang ke negara asal.

Myanmar may lose EU trade privileges over Rohingya abuse

The EBA deal, giving duty-free and tariff-free access to the EU market for all products except weapons and ammunition, was reinstated for Myanmar in 2013 to support political reforms as it moved towards democracy after decades of military rule.