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Hong Kong: Violence spreads, police attacked

More violence are expected in Hong Kong over the weekend.

Opposition holding rallies as they have run out of issues, says...

Its secretary-general Lim Guan Eng says the opposition does not want to talk about the economy as they don't know how to manage it.

3 protests that spell victory for the rakyat

No tear gas was fired, no one was arrested and there was no violence in the three protests held recently – welcome to the new Malaysia.

Five more dead in unrest in Nicaragua

A total of 92 people have now died in the ongoing unrest.

Battle-ready BN drums up support with new clip as psy-war heats...

It comes as a response to pictures of large crowds at PH rallies posted online.

US May Day marchers denounce Trump immigration policies

Organized labor activists led May Day rallies in several U.S. cities on Tuesday, though in smaller numbers than last year, decrying President Donald Trump's immigration crackdown as an assault on vulnerable workers in some of America's lowest-paying jobs.

Boat set alight as UK fishermen hold anti-EU protests

Touring the port aboard a fishing boat and waving to supporters, Farage says the British government had been "really weak-kneed" over fishing policy.

True victory lies in never giving up

We should not waver from our quest for a functioning democracy, to rise to the occasion and engage and participate in rallies, forums and debates.

‘Put efforts into restoring economy, not rallies’

National Professors Council chairman Prof Dr Zakri Hamid say Bersih's previous rallies have not brought any changes to the country.

Matta: Rallies will hit tourism sector and economy badly

Its president Hamzah Rahmat says the rallies will also cause foreign tourists to think twice about visiting Malaysia again.

Hisham: March 27 gathering does not represent the majority

PKR MP Rafizi Ramli disagrees, saying that public gatherings have successfully spread information to the public.