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Tag: Ramadan bazaar

Iskandar Puteri councillors turn on mayor, ask him to explain alleged...

They claim the mayor has gone against the decision of the licensing committee on allotment of Ramadan bazaar lots.

Cashless payment makes advent at Kampung Baru Ramadan bazaar

About 400 traders are trying out the e-Wallet.

RM500 Ramadan bazaar lots sold for RM30,000 previously, says Khalid

He says new policy provides fair opportunities to all traders as well as eliminates monopoly and Ali Baba culture.

Getting rid of middlemen and political interference

From the top end of the business scale to the bottom, the culture of middlemen looking to make a fast buck needs to be eliminated.

PPBM man lodges report denying bazaar allegations

Mohd Noorhisyam Abd Karim wants the authorities to clear his name and that of DAP’s Bukit Bintang MP Fong Kui Lun who is accused of assisting him.

Don’t sue yet over Ramadan bazaar lots, Boo tells DAP man

The former Johor DAP chairman says an excessive number of lawsuits by politicians against party members goes against efforts to fight corruption and cronyism.

Masjid India ‘mafia’ controls bazaar, say traders

Ameer Ali Mydin, head of the local business association, tells of physical threat when he 'made noise' about the problem.

Bazaar scandal named Pakatan’s first red mark

Ex-servicemen's association Patriot says 'a scandal is still a scandal, however trivial' and calls for investigation with full vigour of law.

Ramadan lots: Fong may sue, Saddiq urges probe

Fong Kui Lun says his name may have been misused, while PPBM Youth leader Syed Saddiq calls for investigations into corruption allegations.

Mahathir sees many shops, same items at new Pekan Rabu

Prime minister drops by at Alor Setar's shopping area, now in a new building, as he usually does during Ramadan.

Heavy rain, strong winds wreak havoc in Penang

Glass panels at the KTM train station in Bukit Mertajam shattered while tents at a Ramadan bazaar at Uptown Perda were blown down.

Liew tells govt’s propaganda unit to stop spreading fake news

This after Jasa repeated the claim that DAP had been behind the move to relocate the Kluang Ramadan bazaar despite MCA owning up to it.

Don’t drag MCA into Ramadan bazaar ruckus

Gan Peng Sieu says it was his duty as an assemblyman to voice the concerns of traders over the suitability of the bazaar venue and the alternative venues available.

Liew: MCA, not DAP, behind move to shut down bazaar

Liew Chin Tong names former MCA state assemblyman for Mengkibol, Gan Peng Sieu, as the individual who had asked for the Kluang bazaar to be relocated in 2007.

MP: Invoke Penal Code on rowdy men at Ramadan bazaar

Gobind Singh Deo says that as an MP Liew Chin Tong, who was blocked at the market in Kluang, had a right to meet his constituents without restraint.

Aggressive youths block Pakatan members at Ramadan bazaar

An activity to distribute dates was marred by intimidating behaviour to prevent Pakatan members from entering a certain section of the open-air market in Kluang.

Respect traffic rules near Ramadan bazaars

The holy month of Ramadan is a time for everyone to be more patient, disciplined and respectful towards each other.

Solid waste disposal in KL up 25% during Ramadan

Food waste and untouched food, including those from Ramadan bazaars, largest contributors to the increase.

RM36m owing: Errant traders cost others their livelihood

More than 10,000 refuse to pay back RM36 million in loans given to run businesses during Ramadan, resulting in very little left in the scheme for other needy traders this year.