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More interviews needed to wrap up Musa’s criminal intimidation probe

Outgoing Sabah police chief Ramli Din says the AG’s Chambers has instructed the police to gather more information in connection with the case.

Musa Aman ditahan di KL

Pesuruhjaya polis Sabah berkata, permohonan reman ke atas bekas ketua menteri itu ditolak majistret.

Police to give time to Musa to recover before recording statement

Former Sabah chief minister is wanted by police to help in investigations into criminal intimidation threats made against the Sabah head of state.

Investigation papers on Musa Aman ready soon, says police chief

Sabah police commissioner Ramli Din says the papers have been referred to the Attorney-General’s Chambers.

World Cup betting syndicate crippled in Sabah

Sabah police arrest 42 bookies and punters during month-long operation.

Sabah police determined to get Musa Aman back in Malaysia

Sabah police chief Ramli Din says there is also a possibility that Musa's son, Sipitang MP Yamani Hafez Musa, is with his father in London.

We’ll wait for Musa to come home, says Sabah police chief

Police chief said the situation is not that serious, and it wasn't necessary to issue an arrest warrant or engage Interpol.

After Musa’s suit, a police report by Sabah governor

Sabah police chief Ramli Din declines to give details on nature of the report, which comes amid a controversy about the position of chief minister.

Stop speculating on Warisan leader’s accident, warn cops

Video clip of accident making the rounds, with some Sabahans suggesting the crash could have been politically motivated.

4 Filipino kidnap group members shot dead near Lahad Datu

They were killed by cops while heading towards a group of fishing boats.

Cops probe fake post of kids killed, organs removed

Police say they are tracking down those responsible for the viral message on social media.

Esszone curfew extended until Feb 2

Sabah police chief says curfew extended to protect international researchers in the area and tourists visiting the resort islands.

Sabah gets rid of cyber gambling machines worth RM1.2m

All the machines and components will be sent to an authorised e-waste outlet in Shah Alam for proper disposal.

Police: Man shot dead named, belongs to Abu Sayyaf group

Abu Paliyak, or Komander Paliyak @ Yusuf, belonged to a group responsible for 2014 cross-border crimes in Esszone and waters off southern Philippines.

Man with links to Sabah kidnappings shot dead

Authorities expected to reveal more details on man suspected to be involved in various kidnap-for-ransom incidents in recent years.

Police bust burglary and car theft gang in Kota Kinabalu

Geng Kelvin had been involved in 19 cases involving the loss of goods worth RM700,000 since February.

End of the road for Geng Farah woman leader

Sabah police bust two criminal gangs, arrest eight locals and seize suspected stolen goods worth RM75,000.

Cops confirm report of 5 armed men in Lahad Datu

Plantation worker tells police he met several men who claimed they were part of a group of 37 people who had landed on the beach.