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Tag: Ramon Navaratnam

A rare glimpse into NEP’s origins

After the May 13 riots, Abdul Razak Hussein set up a core group which included non-Malays to work out the New Economic Policy which has succeeded in some aspects and failed miserably in others.

US placed us on currency watchlist to deter trade with China,...

Ramon Navaratnam labels US’ inclusion of Malaysia in the watchlist as 'cowboy economics' and 'isolationist'.

Jangan manjakan graduan pencari kerja, kata pakar ekonomi

Subsidi hanyalah penawar jangka pendek kepada satu masalah jangka panjang, iaitu kelayakan graduan tidak memenuhi keperluan pasaran.

Stay calm and keep spending just a bit more, economist says...

Economists say the situation is temporary as the deflation will likely turn into inflation by this quarter.

Buck up or leave, ex-civil servants tell successors over threat of...

Inevitable technological advancements will see most losing their jobs, so civil servants are being urged to improve themselves and acquire new skills.

Liberalise banking sector some more, economist urges

Ramon Navaratnam believes local banks are now strong enough to face more competition, which will benefit the business environment.

Kemajuan ke arah negara berpendapatan tinggi terlalu perlahan, kata pakar

Desentralisasi merupakan tonggak utama bagi mengatasi masalah perkembangan ekonomi yang perlahan di negara ini.

Berkorban untuk kurangkan pergantungan pada minyak, kata badan pemikir

Putrajaya perlu menggariskan rancangan yang jelas bagi mengurangkan kos dan pergantungan pada minyak untuk tempoh 3 tahun akan datang.

Think tank calls for sacrifices to reduce reliance on oil

As petroleum prices slide, Ideas recommends a review of subsidies among measures to sustain the Malaysian economy.

Rafidah tells govt: Talk less, work more

The former minister urges Putrajaya to get on with the business of governing and delivering on their promises to the people.

Stop taking revenue from sin taxes, economist says on tobacco trade

Ramon Navaratnam says it is counter-intuitive to continue profiting from the tobacco industry.

MACC should get prosecutorial powers, says DAP man but others disagree

Boo Cheng Hau says there is no need to fear that the MACC will have too much power but an anti-graft NGO and a former MACC adviser say it can lead to abuse.

Navaratnam slams call for new pro-Bumi law

It's daft and unMalaysian, says the veteran economist.

Make CEP report public, urges Asli

Chairman Ramon Navaratnam says the people have been waiting with bated breath for the revelations of the CEP report.

Don’t listen to AP lovers, Putrajaya told

The government should show more concern for the poor than for monopolists, says G25's Sheriff Kassim.

Bad idea to hook into Tabung Harapan, Cuepacs told

A G25 member says civil servants can give to Tabung Harapan as individual citizens.

Guan Eng’s tell-all policy the way to go, says economist

However, Ramon Navaratnam urges better debt reporting according to methods used by international rating agencies.

Probe Azmin’s alleged millions overseas, says MACC adviser

Ramon Navaratnam says the anti-graft body should not wait for reports to be lodged.

Tangguh janji manifesto PH lindungi defisit bajet 2.8%

Ramon Navaratnam berkata bajet perlu dilaksanakan secara pragmatik bagi mencerminkan realiti semasa ekonomi dan kewangan, termasuk 0% GST yang mengurangkan hasil bajet.

Economist: Donation drive to settle govt debts embarrassing, bad precedent

It may not only encourage the government to be lax in debt management but may cause the government to expect the people to bail it out of debts in future too, warns Ramon Navaratnam.

NGO anti-rasuah minta PM jelaskan status bos SPRM

Bekas ketua Transparency International dan seorang ahli Parlimen DAP mempertahankan pelantikan Shukri Abdul selepas dikritik kerana tidak di bawa ke Parlimen.

Urgent need to reorganise AG’s Chambers, says anti-graft group

Anti-corruption watchdog says this is to pave the way for a review of graft cases linked to those critical of the former administration.

Vote wisely in GE14 — why does everyone keep saying that?

Perhaps politicians say ‘vote wisely’ because it has become habitual, or perhaps it is a sales gimmick to make us feel we are wise if we vote for them or their party.

Don’t politicise civil service, parties told

Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute director Ramon Navaratnam says when it comes to the civil service, everyone must insist on efficiency.