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Atlanta takes down water department website two weeks after cyber attack

The Department of Watershed Management was a primary target of a March 23 cyber attack.

Hackers targeting top execs, says cybersecurity firm

CEOs and others are often the favourites of hackers as they are authorised to make wire transfers, say Trend Micro Malaysia officials.

Data breach, meteoric rise of Bitcoin highlights of 2017

Cybersecurity expert says data breach will make public more wary of cyber scams and lead to greater awareness.

Data leaks: What individuals and companies can do

Digital security expert says although it’s difficult for people to find out if their data has been leaked, there are steps they can take to minimise risks.

The economic lure of leaked data

Digital security expert reveals that in just one year, there has been a 2,502% increase in the sale of ransomware on the dark web.

North Korea denies involvement in WannaCry cyberattack

Spokesman for the North's Korea-Europe Association denied the accusations and warned Britain against "groundless speculation".

Hacker who helped stop WannaCry ransomware attack faces charges

He faces 40 years in jail in the US for writing and spreading a malicious software that targeted bank accounts.

Europol: Global ransomware attacks on the rise

Europol has now posted some 54 decryption tools, provided by nine partners, on the "No More Ransom" website.

‘Companies should invest more in IT security’

Malaysia still lacks experts in the cyber security field, leaving it unprepared to face attacks when they occur.

Survey: Malaysian companies are unprepared for cyber attacks

Quann managing director Foo Siang Tse says many companies are not investing enough in IT security despite the obvious threats.

Risiko ancaman siber, pengguna Bitcoin digesa waspada

Berikutan serangan siber Ransomware 'WannaCry' baru-baru ini, pengguna mata wang digital perlu lebih berwaspada dan menjaga keselamatan akaun mereka.

Malware a growing threat in Malaysia, says study

Having antivirus software is not enough, says expert, urging Malaysians to constantly update all software.

Jury out on North Korea link to ransomware attack

While the evidence is not conclusive -- hackers can often hide or "spoof" their real identities -- North Korea is emerging as one of the likely suspects despite a strong denial by the Pyongyang envoy to the United Nations.

Data dalam talian tidak selamat?

Ancaman ‘ransomware’ ‘WannaCry’ menyebabkan orang ramai merasa takut dan tidak selamat dengan data atau rekod yang disimpan secara elektronik

North Korea denies role in global cyberattack

The code used in the latest attack is similar to that used in past hacks blamed on Kim Jong Un's regime, leading some to point the finger at Pyongyang.

China issues warning for new ransomware virus

UIWIX ransomware is picking up where the first WannaCry wave left off, without a kill switch domain and the same self-replicating abilities that enable it to spread fast.

SKMM terima hampir 8,000 aduan telekomunikasi, kandungan internet tahun ini

Selangor mencatatkan aduan tertinggi iaitu 1,534, Pahang (1,036) dan Johor (730) terhadap masalah telekomunikasi dan kandungan Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Mosti minta orang ramai jangan panik ancaman ‘WannaCry’

CyberSecurity Malaysia hanya menerima 2 laporan insiden jangkitan ransomware itu, kata menteri.

‘No need for unnecessary alarm over WannaCry’

Minister Wilfried Madius Tangau says the situation in Malaysia is under control, with only two reports of institutions being attacked.

‘Don’t panic over WannaCry ransomware cyber attack’

Deputy minister reassures public after viral messages advise people to withdraw their money as ATMs will be shut down, and to avoid making online transactions.

SKMM belum terima laporan serangan WannaCry

Menteri Salleh Said Keruak berkata kerajaan berusaha meningkatkan keselamatan siber bagi mengelakkan serangan daripada 'ransomware' tersebut.

MCMC yet to receive reports on WannaCry attacks

Minister Salleh Said Keruak says the government is working to heighten cyber security to prevent attacks from such malware.

Seoul cyber experts warn of more attacks as North blamed

More attacks were possible, Choi said, "especially given that, unlike missile or nuclear tests, they can deny their involvement in attacks in cyberspace and get away with it".

WannaCry: Simple steps to stay safe from ransomware

Infection can be avoided in most cases by following a few simple steps.