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Tag: Rantau by-election

No election offence but not in good taste, Bersih says on...

Bersih chairman Thomas Fann says there should be no use of race in elections.

DAP man sees silver lining for Anwar in Rantau loss

P Ramasamy says Umno's recent victories at the polls have at least stemmed the crossover of former party leaders to PPBM.

ECRL announcement during campaign just coincidence, says Loke

The transport minister says talks on reducing the cost of the East Coast Rail Link had been going on since last year.

In Rantau, a chance for Anwar to prove naysayers wrong

Analysts agree that Mohamad Hasan's victory tomorrow is a foregone conclusion.

EC denies taking sides in Rantau

EC chairman Azhar Harun says the commission has taken action against both BN and PH.

Stop at 11.59pm, Bersih warns Rantau candidates

The electoral watchdog urges the public to report any party found breaching the campaign deadline.

I told Singaporean envoy DAP is an extremist party, says Hadi

The PAS president says he told former Singaporean prime minister Lee Kuan Yew the same thing on two occasions as well.

I told Streram to breach police barricade in GE14, says Rafizi

The PKR vice-president says he told the Rantau candidate to do 'whatever it takes to get in'.

Rafizi questions Tok Mat’s RM10 mil transfer to buy London property

This is despite Mohamad Hasan's earlier statement that he had been cleared of wrongdoing by the MACC.

Nothing wrong with announcing projects as Parliament not dissolved, says EC

But EC chairman Azhar Harun says the government must clarify that the announcement is not meant to fish for votes.

Khairy defends Tok Mat’s wealth as Rantau campaign heats up

The former Umno Youth chief says Mohamad Hasan was a corporate figure before becoming a politician.

Now Loke says it: ECRL will benefit Negeri Sembilan

The transport minister confirms Lim Guan Eng's statement that the railway alignment may be rerouted to benefit the state.

Low Tabung Haji dividend will not hurt PH’s chances in Rantau,...

The Amanah vice-president says voters are aware that this is the result of TH's mismanagement under the previous administration.

Report lodged over PKR politician’s food coupons in Rantau

Independent candidate Malar Rajaram is confident action will be taken against Michael Teo.

How a cabbie’s death spurred indie candidate Malar to run in...

It may be too late for Malar Rajaram to tell her friend why she worked at a petrol station after 25 years in Canada, but she can still tell the rest of Malaysia.

Ahead of Najib’s Rantau visit, Tok Mat says theft allegations all...

The former leader is still free 10 months after his downfall, the ex-MB tells people in Rantau.

Tok Mat didn’t solve your problems, Negeri rep tells voters

Sri Tanjung assemblyman M Ravi says Mohamad Hasan shouldn't claim to have improved the situation in Rantau during his tenure as menteri besar.

Makeshift stalls show PH failed to address people’s woes, says Umno

Youth leader Shahril Hamdan says life has become more difficult for people in Rantau in the 10-month period of Pakatan Harapan rule.

Why fear non-Malay candidates, asks Anwar

The PKR president says clean, good leaders will ensure the survival of all races, not just the Malays.

Through the door and on to the polls for PKR’s Streram

The Pakatan Harapan candidate is looking to beef up health services for the people in Rantau and reduce flooding in the constituency, among others.

Goat feast pledge shows BN out of touch with people, says...

Dr Streram Sinnasamy says the people of Rantau need better basic amenities such as housing and healthcare, not two goats for a feast.

Look to Penang for what PH can do, MP tells Malay...

RSN Rayer says the Malays in Penang will give Pakatan Harapan 'an A1 rating' for its work in the state.

Nothing political but we’re feeling the pinch, say Rantau grocers

Grocers and food stall owners in Rantau say things have been getting more expensive and their profit margins have been going down.

Armed with Lincoln’s spirit, ‘Uncle Kentang’ descends on Rantau

Kuan Chee Hong says he will help the two independent candidates face Pakatan Harapan and Barisan Nasional.