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Rantau returning officer does not want same judge to rehear contempt...

Amino Agos Suyub files an appeal in the Federal Court on grounds it is a novel question of law.

Court orders retrial for former Rantau returning officer

Amino Agos Suyub was found guilty of contempt of court for coaching a witness during hearing of election petition.

Tok Mat angkat sumpah Adun Rantau

Mohamad Hasan mengangkat sumpah dan menandatangani surat sumpah jawatan pada Istiadat Pembukaan Persidangan Pertama Penggal Ke-2 DUN Ke-14, hari ini.

Anwar waiting for report on whether sabotage led to PH’s defeat...

The report will be submitted by Negeri Sembilan MB Aminuddin Harun.

PH’s greatest achievement, one year on

Have you seen baton charges and water cannons being used against protesters who want to voice their grievances?

PKR pledges stern action as 2 held for stopping police vehicle

Police seek three other men who carried out 'inspection for election fraud' outside Rantau polling centre on Saturday.

Streram not reason for PH’s loss in Rantau, says PKR veep

Zuraida Kamaruddin says Malaysians are still in a 'cultural shock' after GE14.

I’ll still serve my 83 voters, says indie candidate Malar

The Rantau by-election candidate wants to help her supporters in whatever way she can.

Analyst: Rantau defeat puts Anwar on the spot

Defeat in a multi-racial seat like Rantau shows PH losing ground support, says Kamarul Zaman.

How Tok Mat’s charisma and leadership swayed voters

Najib Razak and Zahid Hamidi said voters were willing to risk voting for the opposition because of the candidate.

Tok Mat credits youth vote for his victory

Rantau by-election winner says young people are disenchanted by Pakatan's vailure to keep their promises.

Bersih: Tok Mat must face action for flashing his ballot paper

Electoral watchdog says police and Election Commission should take action against the former Negeri menteri besar.

Tok Mat langgar undang-undang dedah undi, kata Bersih

Kumpulan pemantau pilihan raya mahu polis dan SPR bertindak terhadap Mohamad Hasan.

Independent chides rival over alleged campaigning for votes on polling day

Malar Rajaram describes Dr Streram Sinnasamy's alleged action as 'pathetic'.

Outside polling centres, insults and jibes hurled at BN and PH...

Rival groups gather as voting in Rantau gains momentum.

Candidates among ‘early birds’ as Rantau goes to the polls

EC expects 70% voter turnout today.

Fault me for empowering my own, says Kula in defence of...

The human resources minister claims his statement was twisted and taken out of context.

PH attracts big crowds in final stretch of Rantau polls campaign

A 1,000-strong crowd was seen at PH's ceramah held in both Bandar Ekar Rantau and Bandar Seri Sendayan.

KJ and Kula in spat over video urging Indians to back...

The duo call each other out for playing the race card.

Dr M to skip Rantau campaign

The Pakatan Harapan chairman would not make an appearance ahead of polling day tomorrow.

Scuffle erupts between PH supporters and NGO in Rantau

NGO's protest against Dual Language Programme in schools is disrupted by PH supporters who grab their banner.

Siasat pengakuan Rafizi arah calon PH rempuh polis, kata Tok Mat

Pada pilihan raya umum pada Mei 9 tahun lepas, Streram tidak dibenarkan masuk ke pusat penamaan calon kerana tidak membawa pas SPR.

Aidilfitri aid event meant to buy votes, Tok Mat says

The former Negeri Sembilan MB says the event was cancelled after Umno lodged a police report.

Chinese in Rantau miss Tok Mat and will vote for him,...

The party's state chief, Siow Koi Voon, says the poor economy and lack of development is upsetting the Chinese community.