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In Iraq, religious rap meets a chorus of controversy

In parts of conservative Iraq, a religious movement has adapted the traditional 'latmiyat' to Western-style rap in an effort to keep youth interested in religion.

Rap sees landmark Grammy wins after years of snubs

For the second consecutive year, black hip-hop artists dominated nominations across the board.

Bollywood movie premiering in Berlin puts spotlight on India’s hip-hop scene

Singh says this film is something that takes a genre of music that has essentially been underground in India so far and brings it to the mainstream.

Rapper Ice Cube takes aim at Trump with new song

"Arrest the President" does not explicitly mention Trump but touches on some of his administration's scandals including its controversial immigration policies and the probe into collusion with Russia.

Eminem claims UK album chart record in ‘Kamikaze’ strike

It is the US rapper's ninth straight album release to hit number one.

Stung by critics (and low sales), Eminem releases surprise album

The eight-month gestation of "Kamikaze" was the quickest in which Eminem has recorded any album.

J. Cole strikes chord with anti-drug rap album

J. Cole's anti-drug album "KOD" debuted at #1 on the Billboard chart.

Rapper Meek Mill freed from US jail after months-long campaign

His case is seen by criminal justice reform advocates as emblematic of a legal system they say treats minorities unjustly and hands out too harsh of punishments.

Sindiran dalam hip hop bukan perkara baru

Budaya ini ada baiknya tetapi ia bergantung, sebab ada beberapa lagu sindiran yang kita setuju, mungkin orang yang disindir itu perlu diberi amaran atau sindiran keras.

Kendrick Lamar wins Pulitzer Prize

It's the first hip-hop album recognized in the history of the Prize.

Ex-lawyers for rap’s Suge Knight accused of witness bribery

Matthew Fletcher and Thaddeus Culpepper were accused of trying to pay off people to provide favourable testimony at Knight’s trial for murder charges.

Calls to strip French rapper of awards for ‘sexist’ lyrics

Some contend that Orelsan's blatantly misogynistic lyrics should disqualify him from the Victories of Music awards.

‘Gotta find a way’: Chinese rap in crisis after crackdown

Chinese rock was similarly poised for a breaktrhough but quickly forced underground by the government.

Octopizzo: Rap king from Nairobi slum inspiring Kenyan kids

Henry Ohanga, better known as Octopizzo, has overcome his slum origins to become one of Kenya's leading rappers.

Eminem sears ‘racist’ Trump at award show

Eminem in his profanity-laden salvo decried Trump as both incompetent and prejudiced, rapping: "Racism's the only thing he's fantastic for."

Penyanyi kontroversi Namewee direman 4 hari

Perintah reman empat hari dikeluarkan bagi membolehkan polis menyoal Namewee di bawah Seksyen 295 Kanun Keseksaan.