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Persatuan pengguna gesa RapidKL jual kad Touch ‘N Go dalam bas

RapidKL seharusnya menjual kad Touch 'N Go di dalam bas mereka.

Sell Touch ‘N Go cards in buses, RapidKL told

Fomca deputy president Yusof Abdul Rahman says the bus company should try to make the switch to cashless payments as seamless and easy as possible

RapidKL’s cashless plan is thoughtless, say critics

An expert questions whether an occasional passenger would buy a RM50 pass just to take a RM2 trip, but some welcome the move.

RapidKL apologises after 180 monorail passengers are stranded

The train stopped after being unable to get traction due to power loss.

RapidKL nafi terbabit aktiviti pro-Syiah dekat stesen monorel

Jabatan Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan pula berjanji akan membuat pemantauan berterusan berdasarkan aduan awam.

RapidKL denies involvement in pro-Shia activity near monorail station

Jawi has also given the assurance that the religious authorities are constantly monitoring the situation based on public complaints.

RapidKL bus driver pleads guilty to taking drugs

The court is awaiting the pathology report before handing down a sentence.

Pemandu bas RapidKL mengaku ambil dadah ketika langgar 7 kenderaan

Majistret menetapkan ikat jamin RM3,000 dengan seorang penjamin.

I chased the bus, but only to demand compensation, says burger...

Muhamad Nur Azri Muhd Arip says he only wanted to talk to the RapidKL bus driver who crashed into his burger stall on Thursday night.

Pemandu bas RapidKL rempuh kenderaan positif dadah

Polis berkata pemandu itu sudah ditahan polis dan disahkan berada di bawah pengaruh dadah semasa kejadian berlaku.

Special team to look into insurance claims of Rapid bus accident...

Affected vehicle owners asked to submit their claims together with relevant documents to Rapid Bus.

Cops arrest runaway RapidKL bus driver

A sample of the bus driver's urine has been sent to the Chemistry Department for analysis.

RapidKL sedia bayar ganti rugi mangsa rempuh di Jalan Ampang

Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Rapid Bus Sdn Bhd, Mohd Azam Omar menggesa orang ramai tidak membuat spekulasi sementara menunggu siasatan polis selesai.

Pemandu bas RapidKL ditahan langgar 7 kenderaan di Ampang

Polis berkata, pemandu bas yang cedera di bahagian kepala itu dibenarkan keluar hospital 3 petang tadi.

4 cedera, bas RapidKL rempuh beberapa kenderaan

Difahamkan pemandu bas itu panik selepas beliau terbabit dalam kemalangan dekat Keramat.

Panic in KL city centre as RapidKL bus smashes into cars

It is believed that the driver panicked after he was involved in an accident in Keramat.

LRT, monorail, MRT, BRT, Rapid KL services extended on NY eve

Hours extended up to 1am or 2am, depending on service, as Prasarana accommodates public transport needs for those celebrating New Year's Eve parties.

RapidKL discounted cards being abused

A special operation finds these cards, meant for students, elderly and disabled, being misused by others.

RapidKL bus driver suspended following viral video

The bus is seen going over a divider and taking up two lanes on the road in the incident in Puchong yesterday.

RapidKL siasat kes penumpang tua dipaksa turun

Syarikat bas berkata siasatan akan mengambil masa 3-5 hari.

RapidKL investigating removal of elderly passenger from bus

The bus company says the probe will take three to five days to complete.

Old woman forced to get off Rapid bus

Misunderstandings and arguments are common, but when a driver gets down from his bus and demands that a passenger he does not like get off his bus, it means he has clearly crossed the line.

RapidKL may allow full-size bicycles on LRT

The Bike N’ Ride programme is pending approval from the Land Public Transport Commission.

14 new trains for added LRT capacity

RapidKL says new trains, with four coaches each, will add to current stable of 35 trains servicing the Kelana Jaya Line.