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Tag: Rapist

Serial rapist indicted in Washington based on DNA profile

The US Attorney's Office for the District of Columbia announced the charges Tuesday against an unidentified serial rapist referred to only as "John Doe."

State TV: China’s “Jack the Ripper” sentenced to death

A Chinese court sentenced a 54-year-old man dubbed the country's "Jack the Ripper" to death on Friday for the rape and murder of 11 women and girls over the course of 14 years, state television reported.

Pakistan arrests serial killer suspect over rape, murder of seven-year-old girl

Imran Ali has been arrested, and he is believed to be a serial rapist and murderer.

Castrating rapists a ‘barbaric act’, say human rights groups

They say the Sarawak state government should reject the proposal, as it is against human rights.

With 5 child rapes a day, how safe is Malaysia?

Over a seven-year period, 13,272 children have been raped, making it around 1,896 every year and that's not even counting the number of cases that go unreported.

Rohani should apologise for her repugnant remarks

If the minister understood the psychological and physical trauma of a rape victim, she would not have said the 12-year-old rape victim married off to her rapist was doing fine.

‘Rapists should be treated like criminals’

Ex-syarie judge Ismail Yahya says there is no pick and choose in Islam.

‘Special Court will deal with child offenders speedily’

Deputy minister says in cases of statutory rape, many parents withdrew their police reports later because their child and the rapist liked each other and they were married off.

Shabudin mulls suing dailies for ‘spinning’ his rapist remarks

Tasek Gelugor MP also laughs off the protest by a group of voters in his constituency yesterday, saying there were Muslims who did not understand Islamic law.

PKR: Review Shabudin’s previous shariah cases when judge

Zuraida Kamaruddin says the MP must be held accountable for any grievances arising from cases involving girls.

Rapists need prisons not marriage

Rapists should be made to pay for their crimes instead of being dealt a get-out-of-jail card via the opportunity to marry their victims.

Minister denies rapists can escape prosecution by marrying victim

Azalina Othman Said says it is considered rape if an individual has sexual intercourse with a child under 16.

Ramkarpal lectures MCA leader over ex-convict Selva Kumar

He says there is a difference between monitoring those convicted of sex crimes and trying them again after having served time in jail.

Selva Kumar is a free man here, say cops

Penang police chief Chuah Ghee Lye says Selva Kumar's movements cannot be restricted unless he breaks the law, adding that 'Canada's worst rapist', can also visit Penang if he wishes to.

Child sex offender registry up and running

Confidential information is however only accessible by request to the social welfare department DG, although there is no guarantee the request will be granted.

MP wants sexual crimes data declassified

Batu Kawan MP rips into the Attorney-General’s Chambers for citing 'infringement of rights of sexual offenders' as reason to delay sex offenders registry.

‘Dangerous’ MCA proposal means no end to repeat convictions

It's also unconstitutional to charge someone for the same offence twice, says DAP MP about the proposal to charge a Malaysian serial rapist here after he has already served his time in Canada for convictions there.

Police: Don’t worry, we will ‘stay close’ to Selva Kumar

They will interview “Canada’s worst rapist” and keep track of where he lives in Malaysia.

Are we ready for Selva Kumar’s return?

NGO which combats child sexual abuse wants authorities to explain exactly how convicted serial rapist and other sex offenders will be monitored and rehabilitated.

Selva may become another Richard Huckle, MCA warns

Wanita MCA chief says the convicted serial rapist may use his wealth to cajole his way out of liability especially since to the penniless, staving off hunger is a priority.

Malaysia urged to stop rapists escaping by marrying victims

Human Rights Watch says certain Malaysian laws violate the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, which Malaysia has ratified.

Man nabbed over rape of 12-year old girl

The 24-year old suspect was picked up at his house today.

Rapist offers to marry victim

Family helpless to do anything as woman is above the age of consent and wants to run away from home to marry him.

Suspected ‘dog rapist’ on the prowl in Segambut

Man claims two of his family dogs were raped, and one of it, killed, by a pervert still at large.