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Rats a cheap street snack in Cambodia

Rats were commonly eaten in the 1970s under the ultra-Maoist Khmer Rouge as a means to survival, but now they serve as inexpensive lunches for workers and farmers in the Cambodian province of Battambang.

Dead rat in hotpot sends China restaurant stock sliding

Hotpot is a popular meal in China, where diners add meat and vegetables to a soup simmering at their table.

This rat forced Tesco to close for 3 days

Facebook user alerts authorities and hypermarket locks down store for massive clean-up.

The ‘Rat Eaters’ of Bihar: India’s poorest people?

Musahars -- 'Rat Eaters' -- is one of India's most marginalised communities, even the browbeaten low-caste Dalits look down on them.

Korean eatery says sorry, cleans up shop after rat ‘dines’ there

Facebook user Jessica Wong posted a picture yesterday evening, claiming a rat was inside a restaurant at the shopping mall in the city.

Rat forces closure of popular grocery at 1Utama

Grocery section at Aeon ordered closed for cleaning.

Rat in 7-Eleven food warmer ‘self-contained, no infestation’

Health ministry says there were no traces of rat infestation at the premises after a viral picture showed a rat on top of a row of sausages and chicken balls inside a food warmer.

Man up and admit your mistake, cafe owner told

Penang councillor says Kaffa cafe owner should just follow council rules and keep his outlet clean to stay out of trouble.

Bakery apologises for rat on tray at mall outlet

Komugi Bakery Malaysia admits to having a rat problem at the mall, and that it is a "known issue" they have been trying to resolve "for some time."

Rats! New Yorker charged with vermin control scam

Myong Hwan Han, also known as David Han, is charged with mail fraud and conspiracy to commit mail fraud.