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Tag: Raymond Ahuar

Murut groups squabble after chiefs sign declaration of support for Anwar

Rivals lodge police reports against each other in Sabah.

Programme attended by Anwar was apolitical, says Murut body

The Murut organisation was forced to explain itself after some participants were told to answer show cause letters issued by Warisan for taking part in the two-day programme.

Sabah PKR chief denies rift from party polls

Christina Liew says allegations and rumours are the norm during party elections and that she is glad her political secretary has been cleared of involvement in the rape of two Indonesian women.

Police clear Sabah PKR Youth chief of rape accusations

State police commissioner Omar Mammah says a suspect, identified by two Indonesian women, has been detained.

Polis: Ketua Pemuda PKR Sabah tak rogol 2 wanita Indonesia

Polis berkata, seorang lelaki tempatan berusia 31 tahun ditahan dan mengaku melakukan jenayah rogol itu.

Dakwaan rogol rosak imej saya, kata pemimpin Pemuda PKR

Raymond Ahuar berkata, dakwaan yang tersebar di media sosial itu mungkin dilakukan pencabar untuk mensabotajnya menjelang pemilihan parti bulan depan.

Rape claims ploy to tarnish my image, says PKR Youth leader

State PKR Youth chief Raymond Ahuar says the allegations could be an attempt by his political rivals to sabotage him.

Azmin and Dr M in cahoots against Anwar?

Many long-time PKR members resent the deputy president's close relationship with Dr Mahathir Mohamad, says an insider.

Villagers disappointed no word yet on land appeal

Rural community had hoped to hear some good news from Najib Razak, says Pakatan Harapan Sabah.