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Ratify UN convention on enforced disappearances, Suhakam tells govt

The Human Rights Commission of Malaysia says there are currently no provisions for any remedy should a disappearance involve state actors or agents.

Suhakam set to hold inquiry on missing couple

It will be the third case of missing persons to be investigated by the government's rights commission.

We’ll consider task force ‘bogus’ until chairman removed, says CAGED

The group wants the task force probing the disappearance of 2 individuals to remove former judge Rahim Uda and former police officer Zamri Yahya.

CAGED sambut baik pelantikan orang baru ke pasukan siasat kehilangan Amri,...

Kenyataan KDN bagaimanapun tidak menyentuh mengenai percanggahan kepentingan melibatkan Pengerusi Rahim Uda dan Pengarah JIPS, Zamri Yahya.

CAGED welcomes 2 new additions to task force

However, the NGO remains deeply disturbed that the terms of reference have still not been defined.

KDN lantik pegawai SPRM, pengamal undang-undang ke pasukan siasat kes Amri,...

Pasukan petugas khas itu kini hanya dianggota seorang pegawai polis, yang diberi kuasa untuk memanggil mana-mana anggota polis tampil memberi keterangan.

Reconsider composition of task force, urges Proham

The NGO warns that any findings by this task force will inevitably be rejected by civil society and amount to nothing but wasted time or resources.

Isteri pastor Koh dakwa pihak berkuasa guna kes culik lama hentikan...

Susanna Liew berkata, pasukan petugas khas perlu siasat kes kehilangan suaminya dan Amri Che Mat serentak.

Missing pastor’s wife says authorities using old kidnap case to stop...

Susanna Liew says the task force should carry out simultaneous investigations into both her husband and Amri Che Mat's cases.

Do the decent thing on disappearance of Koh and Amri, says...

Klang MP Charles Santiago says Putrajaya must get to the bottom of the duo's disappearance, even if it has to acknowledge that police played a pivotal role in it.

Pressure mounts on task force to probe duo’s disappearance

A dozen more organisations voice concern over conflict of interest and foot-dragging by the authorities.

NGO pula persoalkan barisan pasukan petugas siasat kehilangan

CAGED mempersoalkan pelantikan beberapa anggota dalam pasukan petugas yang ditubuhkan untuk menyiasat kehilangan 2 orang.

Now, CAGED questions missing men task force lineup

The NGO takes issue with some of the appointments of the task force set up to probe the disappearance of two people, and calls on Malaysians to reject it.

Cops won’t be involved in task force to look for Raymond...

Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador says any statement on the task force will come from the home ministry.

Task force to investigate missing men must be credible, says NGO

Citizens Against Enforced Disappearances says the team to be formed by the home ministry must include members of civil society.

IPCMC mesti siasat polis Cawangan Khas dulu, kata aktivis

Jumaat lepas, polis bersetuju dengan cadangan penubuhan sebuah badan pengawal selepas sekian lama menolaknya

PH still the better choice, warts and all

Despite a series of bad news, there is a silver lining.

KDN bentuk jawatankuasa khas siasat laporan inkuiri Suhakam, kata Muhyiddin

Awal bulan ini inkuiri Suhakam berkata polis Cawangan Khas Bukit Aman bertanggunjawab atas kehilangan paksa Raymond Koh dan Amri Che Mat.

We cooperated with Suhakam right from the start, says top cop

Mohamad Fuzi Harun hits out at claims that the police did not cooperate with Suhakam and that they were tardy in beginning their investigations into the disappearances of Raymond Koh and Amri Che Mat.

Suhakam had no power to investigate criminal cases, says ex-spy chief’s...

Shaharudin Ali says Suhakam overstepped its boundaries and left police with no means of responding to the allegations against them.

The Suhakam verdict: where’s the outrage?

A government truly committed to democracy would have needed no persuasion to proactively and thoroughly investigate the disappearances.

IGP: Police will obey calls to probe disappearances

However, the inspector-general of police says Suhakam should not have made its findings public.

Polis beri kerjasama penuh siasat kehilangan Raymond, Amri, kata KPN

Suhakam sebelum ini menyalahkan Cawangan Khas Bukit Aman atas kehilangan paksa paderi Raymond Koh dan aktivis Amri Che Mat.

Disappeared men’s wives stay aloof of threat to sue Putrajaya

A representative for the wives of Pastor Raymond Koh and Amri Che Mat say no decision has been made on their next course of action.