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Muslim scholars a ‘strange lot’, says Zaid

Former minister asks how Muslim scholars can talk about the ummah and the very next moment say Shia Muslims are a threat to national security.

Key eyewitnesses in Amri’s ‘abduction’ urged to come forward

Suhakam commissioner Mah Weng Kwai makes the call following weak testimony from eyewitnesses in inquiry to activist Amri Che Mat's abduction.

Pastor Koh’s wife upset cops didn’t update her on latest development

Susanna Koh grateful that at least key witnesses have already testified at Suhakam inquiry into her husband’s abduction.

Mah: Cops didn’t order Suhakam to stop Pastor Koh inquiry

Suhakam commissioner Mah Weng Kwai says the inquiry was halted out of respect for the law.

Koh abduction like police ops, but it’s not, says state CID...

Selangor CID chief says video of Pastor Raymond Koh's abduction shows signs of it being like a 'tactical arrest', which requires extensive training,

Jais officer: Cops quizzed us after pastor’s abduction

He says raid on Damansara Utama Methodist Church was conducted after complaint of Muslims breaking fast in church 'as this could paint Islam in a bad light'.

Polis: Perkasa mungkin relevan dalam kes culik Koh

Tetapi, ASP Supari Muhammad berkata, polis belum menyiasat Perkasa atau Zakir Naik.

4 held in Pastor Koh’s case freed due to lack of...

Investigating officer Supari Mohammad says the Attorney-General's Chambers classified case against them as 'no further action'.

Pastor Koh’s family refused to cooperate with me, IO tells inquiry

Investigating officer tells Suhakam inquiry pastor's wife screamed at him for asking questions on Koh's alleged proselytisation.

Pastor Koh’s family celebrates his 63rd birthday, without him

Koh’s wife Susanna Liew said the family remains hopeful he will come home one day.

Cop says he questioned pastor’s wife for 5 hours on ‘proselytisation’

Police inspector tells Suhakam inquiry on Pastor Raymond Koh and other missing persons that his superiors ordered him to ask questions related to Christianisation.

Saksi dakwa Pastor Raymond Koh diekori SB

Saksi ke-3, G Sri Ram berkata Koh mengadu diekori Cawangan Khas dan diganggu panggilan daripada individu tidak dikenali.

Plat kenderaan dalam penculikan Koh mungkin palsu

Rakaman CCTV menunjukkan sekurang-kurangnya 3 kenderaan utiliti rekreasi (SUV) terlibat dalam penculikan itu.

When you know the problem, why not fix it?

The new IGP should assess the country's CCTV system as a matter of utmost urgency considering the number of unresolved criminal cases to date.

KPN Fuzi ikrar teliti kes penculikan Raymond Koh, isu lain

Ketua polis negara berkata beliau akan bentangkan keutamaannya tidak lama lagi.

CAGED: No unfinished business, Khalid? What about Pastor Koh?

The Citizen Action Group on Enforced Disappearance repeats call for former IGP to explain inconsistencies in statements about pastor's abduction.

Build peace with small acts, activists urged

Don't just wait around for big political change, says Peter Rowan of the OMF International, a Christian missionary society.

Pastor Koh’s wife in the dark over latest abduction update

Susanna Liew Sow Yoke hopes that the police will contact her soon to give her a proper update on her husband’s case.

The silent vigils when I cannot stay silent

As we look back at the months since Pastor Raymond Koh's disappearance, we should remember the words of Bob Pierce, who said, 'Don’t fail to do something just because you can’t do everything'.

4 from drug group under probe over Pastor Koh’s abduction

Pictures of the pastor’s residence and car were found in the house of the suspect shot dead.

Wife of missing pastor grateful Suhakam probing his case

Susanna Liew also urges those with information about her husband's case and others who have gone missing, will come forward to give their statements.

Suhakam siasat kehilangan Pastor Raymond, 3 lain

Suhakam mahu merakam keterangan mereka yang mempunyai yang relevan mulai hari ini sehingga 7 Julai.

Aktivis terlibat pencarian orang hilang berdiam diri ketika disoal polis

Mereka berkata akan hanya menjawab di mahkamah berhubung komen mengenai Pastor Raymond Koh.

IGP: Suspect picked up over Pastor Koh’s abduction

Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar continues to dismiss accusations police more interested in investigating alleged proselytisation than Koh's abduction.