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Tag: Razaleigh Hamzah

Kit Siang says Ku Li silent on 1MDB but vocal on...

The DAP leader says the royal commission of inquiry into forex losses by Bank Negara was politically motivated.

Rulers could have been ill-advised on Rome Statute, says Ku Li

Umno veteran responds to Putrajaya's decision to quit the international treaty.

Ku Li: Malaysia in chaos without Dr M, so let’s wish...

Dr Mahathir Mohamad's former arch-rival says with internal fights in PKR, DAP may take control of key ministries.

Ku Li unshaken by speculation of exodus from Umno

He says crossing over to PPBM is futile as the party is weaker than Umno.

Zahid wins Umno presidency

He is comfortably ahead of his closest challenger Khairy Jamaluddin, while veteran leader Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah comes in third.

Can Umno change? Only if delegates don’t get RM4,000 for coffee

I don’t expect Umno to change anytime soon, even though Umno presidential candidates want change and agree that money politics is one of the main reasons Umno lost in the general election.

Ku Li says BN exodus cause for alarm

Tengku Razaleigh says Umno should not sit idly as individuals and component parties leave the BN coalition.

Adakah beliau akan bertanding? Ku Li minta bersabar

Ketika spekulasi mengatakan dia akan membuat pengumuman esok, orang lama Umno ini berkata dia akan bertanding jika akar umbi memintanya berbuat demikian.

Ku Li jangka BN kalah, tapi tak seteruk ini

Veteran Umno itu mengelak soalan sama ada Najib ditekan untuk meletakkan jawatan sebagai presiden parti.

Ahli Umno buang bendera, tutup bilik gerakan di Gua Musang

Mereka tidak puas hati Adun veteran di Paloh di bawah kawasan Parlimen itu digugurkan.

Ku Li: GE14 best chance for BN to win Kelantan

Razaleigh says the Kelantan people are aware of weaknesses of the PAS state government and want a change.

Parti baharu Dr M akan alami nasib Semangat 46?

Kegagalan mengemudi parti baharu boleh membuka ruang kepada Najib memujuk bekas ahli kembali ke pangkuan Umno.

Mahathir evades question of repentance

In media interview, he shows no sign of repenting and claims no one asked him to quit when he was PM.

Kadir: Razaleigh may have ‘secret pact’ with Najib

The real Razaleigh will stand up in time, but crudely put, he cannot be trusted to march with the masses, always wanting to be served and waiting to be crowned, says former newsman.

Mukhriz can only be removed via legal means, says Ku Li

Umno veteran says there is a possibility that Mukhriz is being punished for his father's defiance.