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Anwar leaves it to govt to decide on RCI findings on...

The PKR president says a transparent investigation needs to be conducted into the losses suffered by Bank Negara Malaysia.

Ku Li: Stop letting Umno leaders hold party funds

The Umno veteran says party donations must be collected and kept in the name of the party, not in a personal capacity.

Zahid jadi presiden Umno ke-7

Mohamad Hasan memenangi jawatan timbalan presiden Umno.

Zahid, Khairy bersaing sengit jawatan presiden Umno, Ku Li ketinggalan

Setakat 8.18 malam, Zahid mendapat 58 undi, disusuli Khairy Jamaluddin dengan 47 undi dan Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah 22 undi.

Umno dijangka umum keputusan pemilihan 1 pagi Ahad

Setakat 5.52 petang, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi mendahului 4 calon lain bagi jawatan presiden Umno.

Khairy promises more political autonomy for Sabah Umno

The candidate for the Umno president's post hopes a vice-president will be elected by Sabah Umno members to look after the affairs of the party in the state.

Ku Li: All the candidates I supported won

Although the official results have not been announced, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah says he is happy with the outcome of the polls for the Umno wings.

Muhyiddin: I don’t care about Umno polls

The PPBM president says he has put Umno behind.

Zahid warns against repeat of Umno split in 1987

Acting Umno president says Tengku Razaleigh's candidacy for top post shows Umno is becoming more democratic.

GE14 can be won by black swan events, says analyst

Political consultant says there are bound to be surprises in the last moments before polling.

Mahathir defends establishment of Jakim

The former prime minister denies the department was formed as a tool to neutralise PAS.

Soalan kepada Ku Li: ‘Have you changed your spots?’

Apakah Malaysia akhirnya akan mendapat PM yang tercicir di 1988 di dalam kerajaan perpaduan pertama negara?

Ku Li: Discussing DoJ suits not sub judice

The Umno veteran says only court cases heard locally should be barred from discussion in Parliament.

Ku Li: Majlis Raja-Raja boleh campurtangan sekiranya berlaku krisis

Sekuranya urustadbir tertegun, dan cabang eksekutif, perundangan dan kehakiman mempunyai kekurangan, Majlis Raja-Raja boleh pimpin.

Ku Li: Conference of Rulers can intervene when nation in crisis

Should governance stall and the excutive, legislature and judiciary are found wanting, the Conference of Rulers can take the lead, says the Kelantan prince

Ku Li: Umno must reinvent itself to remain relevant

Party's future depends on members who must regulate and discipline their leaders, says former finance minister.

Interest of voters comes first, says Ku Li

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah says he will not allow his Umno membership to interfere with his position as a member of the Dewan Rakyat