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Wang Kelian RCI ends, chairman says satisfied with information

The inquiry panel will submit its report to the King in September after hearing from 48 witnesses over 17 days.

Ex-Sabah CM has no right to stop RCI on judicial interference,...

Senior federal counsel says Yong Teck Lee has not shown how he has been affected by the government's decision to set up the RCI on alleged judicial interference.

Two cops arrested before Wang Kelian discovery, RCI told

Investigating officer Woon Tan Seng says the low-ranking policemen were arrested for escorting illegal immigrants and released.

Wang Kelian camps possibly run by different syndicates, RCI told

VAT69 group commander says the camps had different characteristics.

No proof to support coordinated cover-up by cops, oversight body tells...

Enforcement Agency Integrity Commission chairman A Aziz A Rahim explains why they did not pursue an investigation into alleged police misconduct at Wang Kelian.

Most victims could have been dead for 3-4 years, mass graves...

Forensics expert Dr Mohd Suhani Mohd Noor says the cause of death could only be determined for two out of 114 bodies sent to the hospital where he works.

Federal govt wrongly advised in trying to strike out my suit,...

Yong Teck Lee says his suit is not against the investigation but on the decision to do it through an RCI.

Lebih wajar tribunal daripada RCI siasat salahlaku hakim, kata peguam

K Balaguru mengingatkan Perlembagaan Persekutuan sudah menetapkan bagaimana menangani salahlaku hakim, dan tertanya apakah yang perdana menteri dan menteri undang-undang mahu daripada RCI.

Tribunal better than RCI to probe judicial misconduct, says lawyer

K Balaguru says an RCI would not be able to probe individual members of the judiciary.

Rakyat mahu RCI siasat salah laku kehakiman, kata PM

Dr Mahathir Mohamad menolak cadangan penubuhan tribunal untuk menjalankan siasatan secara dalaman ke atas dakwaan salah laku dan campur tangan dalam badan kehakiman.

RCI on alleged judiciary abuse will start soon, says PM

Dr Mahathir Mohamad shoots down suggestion by a retired judge to have an internal inquiry instead to look into the claims.

Hold internal inquiry to probe judicial misconduct, CJ told

Former judge Gopal Sri Ram says the chief justice can then propose to the prime minister that the king set up a tribunal to try the judges concerned.

Boleh teruskan siasatan salah laku kehakiman walau ada saman, kata menteri

Liew Vui Keong berkata, polis dan SPRM boleh meneruskan siasatan mereka sementara menunggu mahkamah memutuskan saman pemula untuk menghalang Putrajaya menubuhkan RCI.

Probe into alleged judicial misconduct can go on despite lawsuit, says...

The de facto law minister says police and MACC can continue their investigations while the courts decide on Yong Teck Lee's suit to halt RCI.

3 questions for AG over delay in RCI on judicial misconduct

Lawyers say continued delay in setting up the RCI is not good for the image of the AG, the de facto law minister and the judiciary.

RCI salah laku hakim: Peguam persoal tindakan peguam negara selepas 3...

Kerajaan tidak patut ditugaskan mengendalikan penubuhan RCI kerana ia memerlukan kepakaran dalam bidang undang-undang.

Bersih calls for RCI into ‘electoral misconduct’ in May 9 polls

This comes after a tribunal to hear allegations of misconduct against six former EC members decided not to proceed with the hearing.

Zaid Ibrahim setuju cadangan Najib tubuh RCI siasat 1MDB

Najib mencadangkan supaya sebuah RCI ditubuhkan bagi menyiasat skandal 1MDB seperti dijanjikan oleh PH dalam manifesto pilihan rayanya.

Zaid backs Najib’s call for RCI into 1MDB

He says the former PM's trial might not give the public a complete picture of the scandal.

Now, PBS calls for RCI on citizenship

PBS president Maximus Ongkili says the RCI will help ease the fears of the public following an alleged citizenship drive in the state.

Dr M: RCI siasat salah laku hakim belum muktamad

Kerajaan sebelum ini dilaporkan bersetuju untuk menubuhkan RCI bagi menyiasat dakwaan salah laku hakim Mahkamah Rayuan dan Persekutuan.

RCI on judicial misconduct not finalised yet, says Dr M

This comes three months after the prime minister announced that the Cabinet had given the go-ahead for the inquiry.

RCI witness contradicts earlier statement on grave-like structures

ASP Joeking Marian Anthony previously said he had never mentioned the discovery of grave-like structures on top of Wang Burma hill during a meeting with the Perlis deputy police chief a day after the camp raid.

AG says he is ‘not involved’ in RCI on alleged judicial...

Tommy Thomas says issues related to the RCI should be addressed to the ministers concerned.