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Azis: Tak perlu RCI siasat sindiket MyKad buat masa ini

Kes masih dalam siasatan polis dan suspek sedang dituduh di mahkamah, kata timbalan menteri.

RCI on MyKad sale to foreigners only if needed, says home...

Deputy minister Azis Jamman says the matter is being investigated by the police.

Manifesto PH sebenarnya berita palsu, kata Ahmad Maslan

Ahli Parlimen Pontian itu berkata, antara janji yang gagal dipenuhi PH ialah menubuhkan RCI bagi menyiasat penyelewengan yang didakwa berlaku di bawah pentadbiran BN.

Kita konsisten desak RCI tragedi Memali, kata PAS Kedah

PAS dan Umno menandatangani piagam kerjasama minggu lalu sekali gus menamatkan sengketa lama antara dua parti itu.

It’s PAS, not me, who should push for RCI on Memali,...

The Amanah communications director says PAS raised the issue again recently.

Where’s the RCI on Memali incident, Najib asks Khalid

The former prime minister says Khalid Samad had previously promised one would be established if Pakatan Harapan came to power.

Our squandered oil fund could have been our pension fund

Since the 70s, the profligate spending of the New Economic Policy has been largely funded by the exploitation of offshore oil.

MTUC wants RCI into foreign worker intake abuses

MTUC says the whole foreign worker intake system is messed up and only a RCI will be able to identify the abuses and recommend remedial measures.

Have RCI into poverty ‘scandal’, urges consumers’ body

The Consumers Association of Penang says a royal commission of inquiry will be able to provide an accurate picture of poverty in the country following a UN claim that Malaysia is under-reporting the problem.

Bekas KM Sabah fail rayuan henti inkuiri salah laku kehakiman

Peguam Yong Teck Lee menghantar notis rayuan itu sebelum berakhirnya tempoh 30 hari.

Ex-Sabah CM files appeal to stop inquiry into judicial misconduct

Yong Teck Lee's lawyers send in a notice of appeal just before the deadline.

Have RCI to prove forced conversions, urges Sabah Umno Youth

It says this is one way to find out the truth if any conversion happened by force.

No need for second RCI on illegals, Cabinet can act on...

The former Sabah chief minister also rejects the call by Bersih 2.0 to bring the matter to court, saying it is a waste of time.

Tak ada seorang pemimpin BN didakwa rompak duit Tabung Haji, kata...

Najib Razak menyangkal Pakatan Harapan yang mendakwa BN mencuri simpanan pencarum.

Court stops ex-CM’s bid to stop RCI into judicial misconduct

Yong Teck Lee had sought a declaration that RCI on judicial misconduct linked to allegations by Hamid Sultan Abu Backer was unconstitutional.

Hold internal probe into judicial interference claims, Karpal’s daughter tells CJ

Sangeet Kaur Deo, saying the alleged judicial interference cannot be disregarded despite Karpal’s acquittal, indicates she may drop suit against the chief justice if a RCI is held.

Zahid pulang sebab Umno belum mantap, kata Anwar

Anwar Ibrahim berkata keputusan Zahid bermakna serah tugas pada Mohamad Hasan tidak mendapat dokongan.

Kit Siang says Ku Li silent on 1MDB but vocal on...

The DAP leader says the royal commission of inquiry into forex losses by Bank Negara was politically motivated.

Kit Siang mum on ‘no further action’ on RCI forex report

The DAP supremo declines comment on Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah's statement that the government has a duty to implement the RCI’s recommendations.

Dr M’s lawyer says RCI report on forex losses flawed, no...

Haniff Khatri Abdulla says ‘inadequate and inaccurate findings' of an RCI need not be implemented, especially if it had been conducted with a political motive.

Kerajaan perlu laksana cadangan RCI forex, kata Ku Li

Veteran Umno itu berkata, apa saja cadangan RCI perlu dipertimbang dan dilaksanakan kerajaan.

Ku Li tells govt to implement RCI recommendations on BNM losses

The RCI had recommended that Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Anwar Ibrahim, who helmed the government in the 1990s, to be investigated over the RM30 billion losses.

Tak perlu RCI siasat dakwaan salah laku dalam TH, kata menteri

Mujahid Yusof Rawa berkata, SPRM sepatutnya menyiasat dakwaan salah laku dan penyelewengan dalam TH.

We’ve exhausted all legal processes in Beng Hock case, says Muhyiddin

Home minister says he is leaving the matter to the AG to handle.