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RoS tells DAP to heed its order for re-election

RoS director-general says failing to do so will render any decision made by the party's CEC illegal.

DAP must abide by RoS order, says Salleh

Minister says what is happening to DAP is not unique to the party as Umno too had once been declared illegal by the courts.

Claim of 120 phantom branches slander, says DAP

DAP vice-chairman Teresa Kok says the party will seek a meeting with the RoS to get clarification and any evidence in support of the allegation.

DAP gets official letter from RoS on re-election

Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo says the party will issue a statement after meeting to discuss the letter.

Masir: DAP can’t hold re-election without RoS ‘official letter’

The deputy home minister says he will check with RoS on reason for delay in issuing official letter.

Kit Siang: RoS’ ability to stand up to interference questionable

The DAP elder politician says the RoS’ letter to the DAP on the party’s re-election should have been ready when it issued a press statement on the matter on July 7.

Gobind: DAP is not afraid of re-election

He says it is unprofessional of the RoS to just issue a media statement instead of issuing an official letter to the party to hold the re-election.

DAP v RoS: Chronology of events and answers to FAQs

DAP national publicity secretary answers the questions on most people's minds on the CEC re-election issue which was thought to have been settled in September 2014.

Gobind: 4 years late, now 4 days late, still no RoS...

DAP's national legal bureau chairman laments delays that will prejudice the party as the general election is not far off.

Prove transparency by holding fresh polls, Hisham tells DAP

‘If there's nothing wrong and there are no irregularities why are they so afraid to have a re-election?’

Keep out of RoS’ handling of DAP, Gobind tells Zahid

DAP legal bureau chief says home minister should remember that he represents a political opponent to DAP in GE14.

Zahid to DAP: Abide by RoS or risk not running in...

The home minister says RoS does not wish to interfere in DAP’s affairs and is doing what needs to be done according to the law.

Have SOP on politically sensitive decisions, govt bodies urged

CenBet says agencies like the RoS should not only be independent and professional in carrying out their duties, but also be seen to be so.

Take Umno’s lead, respect RoS directive, Syed Ali tells DAP

The Cheras Umno chief says the action of DAP leaders like Lim Kit Siang in questioning the RoS is proof that they are afraid of losing the influence of the “dictator” in the party.